Two-Ingredient Salad Dressings for Lazy Salad Lovers

Sometimes I don’t feel like spending the big bucks on a fancy bottle of salad dressing. Other times, I can’t justify paying for a massive container of dressing I’ll only use a few times. When that happens, I whip together a two-ingredient salad dressing with things I already have on hand.

These combinations are quick, easy, and super tasty. If flavor and function are top priorities to you, grab these multipurpose ingredients and make some two-ingredient salad dressings of your own! And if you have your own suggestions for two-ingredient salad dressings, drop them in the comments!

Boursin + Balsamic Vinegar

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Whisk or blend some Boursin cheese together with some balsamic vinegar for a creamy, tangy, herby salad dressing. This is perfect on a fall harvest salad with kale, candied pecans, and chunks of crisp apple. This combo is so good, you’ll also want to use it as a sandwich spread and dip.

Salsa + Crema Mexicana

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I love a taco salad. And my favorite dressing for a taco salad? A mix of salsa and crema Mexicana. The creaminess and the tang are a match made in heaven. Can you just top your taco salad with salsa and crema Mexicana and call it a day? Obviously. But it feels so much fancier to mix them together and drizzle a creamy salsa salad dressing over your bowl.

Pesto + Cottage Cheese

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I know it sounds weird! I know! But mix together pesto and cottage cheese for a rich and herbaceous dressing. “But what about the curds, Jordan?” The curds are delicious! It’s like chunks of blue cheese in blue cheese dressing. An antipasto-inspired salad with mixed greens, cubes of salami, pepperoncini, and cherry tomatoes would taste delicious with this two-ingredient dressing.

Sweet Chili Sauce + Peanut Butter

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Combine a spoonful of peanut butter with sweet chili sauce for the perfect salad dressing for a classic Chinese chicken salad. The sweet chili sauce helps loosen the dressing and the peanut butter adds extra protein, nuttiness, and creaminess.

Tartar Sauce + Ketchup

Credit: Merc / Walmart / Target

You might be confused by this since it sounds more like a fried fish dipping sauce than a salad dressing. And I rarely buy tartar sauce because I’ve always found it lacks versatility, but that’s because I was looking at it all wrong. This would be great drizzled over a piece of grilled salmon on a bed of mixed greens. Have some shrimp in your freezer? Whip up a classic shrimp Louie salad! Surprisingly, tartar sauce and ketchup mixed together taste a lot like “special spread” or “burger sauce.” I use this to make a hamburger salad with some impossible meat, diced onion, chunks of pickles, and romaine. It might sound strange, but it is delicious.

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  • These are genius!! I like salad but I can never figure out store bought dressings that I like. I’m not a fan of ranch, blue cheese, French, or Italian. Definitely trying these.

  • It is such a good idea to use pesto in a salad dressing, I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it before