4 Unexpected Ways to Upgrade Your Iced Tea

I am an iced tea fiend. I think it is one of the best and most refreshing beverages you can consume. And while people have fun with iced coffee add-ins all the time, I rarely see people modifying their iced tea. I think that’s a mistake!

Why not give iced tea the iced coffee treatment? Here are four simple iced tea recipes (aka one-ingredient iced tea add-ins) to spice up this already incredible summer beverage. It’s time to get creative and cool down by adding a scoop or two of each product below to your favorite iced tea.

Condensed Milk

Have you ever had Thai tea? Condensed milk is what makes it so delicious! It’ll make your tea sweet and creamy. If you want an iced tea recipe that’ll turn your tea into dessert, add a spoonful or two of condensed milk to your iced tea. 

Strawberry Jam

Shake up some iced tea with strawberry jam for a light and fruity drink. It’ll be similar to a Starbucks refresher. Plus, strawberry jam would go great with pretty much any type of tea. Green tea, black tea, and even mint tea tastes delicious with a little hint of berry.

Margarita Mix

Think Arnold Palmer, but make it a mocktail. Tea is earthy and mellow and Margarita mix is tangy and sweet. It’s really a perfect combination. You can use a premade or canned Margarita if you’re really trying to party or non-alcoholic Margarita mix if you want all the flavor without the hangover. Now, all you need are chips and guac to pair with it!

Chocolate Milk Powder

I know this sounds crazy, but adding chocolate milk powder to your unsweetened iced tea is basically making a chocolate London Fog, which is normally made with tea, milk, and vanilla. Swapping the vanilla for chocolate is absolutely delicious. Trust me! I’ve never steered you wrong before!

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