Velveeta Is Now Making Queso…Just in Queso

Ah, Velveeta. The somehow-more-American-than-American-cheese cheese. The smooth orange mother of the creamiest mac and cheeses and nachos in the world. The crème de la crème of cheeses that contain no actual crème (although it does have milk, don’t worry). I love Velveeta and could eat hunks of it straight off the block (in fact, I have done just that), but it is perhaps most frequently used in two applications: mac and cheese and queso (just add Ro-Tel). Velveeta Shells & Cheese has obviously been a pantry staple for as long as any of us can remember, it took until 2024 for the people over at Kraft to seize on the latter use case. This month they are giving us ready-to-eat Velveeta Queso in a jar for the first time ever, and it comes in three delicious-sounding flavors.

What flavors can we expect from new Velveeta Queso? Will it, like Velveeta itself, be shelf stable to the point of outlasting me and all my loved ones?

Let’s start with the three flavors: Velveeta is coming out with Queso Con Salsa, which sounds perfect for tortilla chip dipping, much like the Velveeta and Ro-Tel recipe you’ve been eating every Super Bowl Sunday since the dawn of time; Queso Blanco, for that at-home Chipotle moment; and lastly, Jalapeño Queso, which better bring some heat—I mean, just imagine the nachos. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to embrace “the Dolce Velveeta lifestyle” as Stephanie Vance, brand manager of Velveeta, once said (yes, in real life, though I think it was in the context of a Velveeta-colored hair dye that is actually real and very much available). But the fun doesn’t stop there. Along with this queso release, Velveeta is also launching two new Velveeta Shells & Cheese flavors (Pizza and Buffalo), as well as a new Gluten-Free Shells & Cheese offering, so now gluten-free people can enjoy the magic of Velveeta mac along with the rest of us. It is truly a glorious day in processed cheese history.

Now, if you are wondering where you can get this stuff, the answer is “grocery stores nationwide,” as these products are all set to roll out during the month of May. Suffice it to say, I know where I’ll be spending my cheddar this month.

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