What to Eat with Hot Honey

Hot honey is one of those things that just enhances whatever you put it on. There are very few food items I can think of that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of a little bit o’ sweet and a little bit o’ heat. That being said, some foods were seemingly put on this here planet to be consumed with hot honey, and who are we to argue with destiny? So here is our list of what to eat with hot honey, although the list certainly goes on. The world is your plastic, upside-down-bear-shaped oyster.

Wondering what to eat with hot honey? Look no further than fried chicken strips with hot honey—believe us, it’s a classic combo for a reason. The salty, well-seasoned tendees with the sweetness and subtle kick hot honey provides make this a combo like no other. These Good & Gather Chicken strips are exactly the tenders for the job. Their breading is abundantly spiced and the meat itself “actually tastes like chicken breast,” which, believe it or not, is not a given when it comes to frozen chicken tenders.

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What’s this? More chicken? But of course!! What other protein so effortlessly answers the age-old quandary, “What to eat hot honey with”? Plus, these wings are already sauced with a glaze that’s “tangy and hot just like we want it,” according to Sporked‘s taste testers. Adding hot honey into that mix would simply crank these wings straight into sicko mode. There’s nothing like a hint of sweetness to bring out the flavors and spices in your wings, and there’s nothing like a bit of heat to add more heat to your heat.

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Screamin’ Sicilian Holy Pepperoni

You have probably had pizza drizzled with or dipped in hot honey before and if you haven’t, where’ve you been, girlie? Get out there and hot-honey-douse your ‘za! Specifically this ‘za if you can, because this ‘za is covered in so much pepperoni that “you can’t even see cheese, only pepperoni” through the little window in the packaging, according to Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart. In my opinion, that is as it should be. Now imagine that fat stack of salty, spicy, greasy pep drizzled with the most beautiful ribbon of spicy, sugary gold. The salty, the sweet, the slowly building heat—mmm mmm mm, almost good enough to eat (I got halfway through that sentence and realized I had to successfully land the rhyme plane. For all our collective sanities. Don’t @ me).

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Appleton Dry Cured Ham Prosciutto

You know how some people are superheroes and some people are guitar heroes? Well, hot honey is a charcuterie board hero and deserves to be treated as such. Yes, fig jam is fantastic and will always be a great way to add a spreadable sweet component to your salty, salty board, but don’t be sleeping on hot honey, my dudes—this stuff goes with an-ny-thing. And that includes this prosciutto, which Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling described as “out of this world” due to its “savory and sweet” flavor and “fatty finish that just keeps going.” Go get you and your crew some prosciutto—this stuff is amazing and super reasonably priced at Aldi.

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Speaking of heroes of the charcuterie board…y’all. Good cheddar is SO good. Good sharp cheddar? Even better. Good sharp, slaty, crystally cheddar drizzled with hot honey on a little crostini with some roasted garlic? You will feel like you died and went straight to Charcute-heaven. This aged sharp cheddar is, as Gwynedd put it, “sharp cheddar for when you’re hosting company you actually like.” So, if you actually like your dinner guests and aren’t just pretending to like them for shits and giggles, don’t just whip out the sharp cheddar, whip out some hot honey, too. Your guests will never want to leave.

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Supreme Totino’s Pizza Rolls

Still wondering what to eat with Mike’s Hot Honey (or whatever brand you have lying around the house? Enter Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Now, I was always a ranch dressing dipper myself when it came to my buddy Totino’s, but let me tell you, hot honey brings a whole new dimension to these iconic teeny-tiny pizza pockets. Imagine these crispy little pillows of joy that Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick described as “supreme,” just like their name. Now imagine them drizzled with a bit of sweetness and spiciness (just like this SNL sketch about Totinos that will forever live rent-free in my head). I don’t know what exists above supreme…maybe godly? Maybe we just call it Beyoncé tier and call it a day. Either way, try out this combo.  

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