Velveeta Truffles—Has Science Gone Too Far?

Every once in a while, a confection comes along that heretofore only existed in our wildest dreams and fairytales. A treat that no one asked for but everyone secretly wanted. Well…maybe not everyone; I should speak for myself. You guys. Kraft Heinz just partnered with Los Angeles-based chocolate maker Compartés to bring us, you guessed it, white chocolate Velveeta Truffles. I am speechless.

What do these Velveeta truffles look like? Where can I get them? Do I even want them (please tell me how I should feel about this, I’m confused)?

As for what they look like, they are shaped like cute little pasta shells (yes, just like Velveeta Shells & Cheese). The truffles are called TruffVel (because truffle and Velveeta), and in a press release were described as “Compartés sweet white chocolate paired with the creamy delicious bite of Velveeta for a unique sensation unlike any other.” Regarding the form and cheese integration, the announcement said, “The iconic custom shell shape is made to mirror Velveeta Shells and Cheese and was created by infusing Velveeta cheese sauce into Compartés award-winning chocolate to create a match made in culinary heaven.” There aren’t any customer reviews on the Compartés site quite yet, but the team at Food & Wine described them as being pretty aggressively cheesy. Once the white chocolate outer shell melts away, there is literal Velveeta inside.

Wondering where you can pick up a box of these to explore the creamy cognitive dissonance for yourself? You can head on over to the Compartés website and order a five pack while supplies last. I must say, these have me truly confused. So confused that I would spend $24.95 on a box of five cheesy truffles? I don’t know about that. But it does make me wonder what stunt Velveeta will pull next. Velveeta sculptures? Velveeta Charcuterie? Velveeta Fudge (a thing I have actually seen and it seems to work)? No matter what it will be, don’t worry—I’m on the case-o.

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