Want Free Tacos for a Year? Ortega Wants to Give Them to You

Ortega, the popular Mexican food brand, is offering you a chance to win a year of free tacos. How does one enter? And how does a company send a person tacos every day for a year because that seems a bit tough for a food manufacturing company to do? Well, let’s taco ‘bout it.

The sweepstakes are open from May 2nd to May 6th, and you can enter at ortega.com/sweepstakes. Entry is allowed once per person, and simply requires you to submit your first name, last name, and email address. Easy. Oh, and also you have to be over 18. With such little effort needed to enter (besides being alive for 18 years—that’s effort) this sweepstakes almost seems too good to be true. But it’s not. It’s all true. 

Now, moving on to how a company that sells products at supermarkets can offer a person free tacos for a year and not face a logistical nightmare. Ortega got creative. Instead of literally sending the winner fresh tacos every day like I had originally assumed, they are giving the winner 52 free coupons for Ortega Taco Shells or Fiesta Flats (that averages out to about 1 and ¾ tacos per day), 1 Ortega Product Prize box (which I assume is swag), and a $1,040 Visa gift card so the winner can buy 20 dollars’ worth of taco fillings per week for a whole year. 

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The sweepstakes are partially inspired by a poll that Ortega recently ran in which they surveyed 1,300 Americans and found that many would give up things like coffee, video games, sports, and even social media for a year if it meant that they would get free tacos for all 365 days. Ortega, being the taco-providing sweethearts that they are, thought, “Hey what if we just give them a chance at free tacos without making them give up something else they love.” And that’s how this Year of Free Tacos Sweepstakes was born.

Anyhoo, I don’t know about you, but I’m entering. Although I’ve never bought taco shells in my life, I’m definitely willing to try them, especially if I don’t even have to shell out any money to get them.

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