What Are Ketchup Chips and Are They Only in Canada? Let’s Find Out, Eh?

Once when I was really little, my dad took a trip to Canada for his job. When he got back he had tales of all these snacks and candies that were apparently only sold in the Great White North. Most fascinating to me were pickle chips and ketchup chips. Pickle chips have slowly caught on in the U.S., but ketchup chips are still a rare delicacy stateside. So, it is understandable that you have questions about ketchup chips. Let’s get into it. 

What are ketchup chips?

Luckily for humanity, ketchup chips aren’t dried disks of the hardened ketchup that forms on the spout of the bottle (although, you know some food freak out there would flip for those, and I’d have to do some taste test of different ketchup brand dried ketchup disks…forget I mentioned it!). Ketchup chips are standard potato chips flavored with the kick of ketchup. One forgets that ketchup has an almost fruit-like tang to it! It’s a pleasant flavor that has been plagued by folks who think it’s not fancy. Even though the words “fancy ketchup” are right there on the bottle most times! 

Are ketchup chips only in Canada?

While ketchup chips are only extremely popular with our neighbors to the North, they aren’t exclusive to Canada. There is one way for Americans to get their hands on a bag of the “red stuff” and that’s all thanks to the Herr’s corporation. They’ve diligently made Heinz-flavored ketchup chips available in America for years, and they’re the only ones doing it. If they’re not sold in your local grocery store, and they probably aren’t, you can order a batch from the Herr’s online store. And they’re even ridged, which makes them great for dipping into ketchup if you want to go full ketchup overload! You madman! You absolute madman! 

Are ketchup chips good?

Judging off the few times I’ve gotten to enjoy them, ketchup chips are great! If you like the flavor of ketchup or tomato paste, you’ll like ketchup chips. 

If you’re ever lucky enough to find ketchup chips at a party (maybe they’re releasing a gritty reboot of Dudley Do-Right and the food at the premiere party you’re attending is all Canadian snacks) then don’t be afraid to grab a handful and judge for yourself. I bet it’ll have you wondering why there aren’t any mustard chips to go with them. Well, there probably are, they’re just only available in Canada…

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