What Is Circle K?

Circle K is crushing the convenience store game when it comes to pure convenience. With so many locations across the globe, the K is always there when you need a late night snack (or, in some cases, a “so late that it’s actually early morning” snack). Circle K has been a roadside standby for years and years, and it’s about time we started talking about it. So, today, we’re taking a good long look at Circle K. And the look can honestly be as long as we want… that place is open 24 hours! Let’s do it!

What is Circle K?

Circle K Stores, Inc. is a chain of convenience stores first opened in the 1980s. Today, it’s one of the largest convenience store franchises in the United States (second only to the ever-present 7-Eleven). As of 2020, there are more than 14,800 Circle K stores worldwide, with around 10,000 here in the U.S. With numbers like that, you could be in one right now without even realizing it. 

Who owns Circle K?

Circle K was acquired by Canadian company Alimentation Couche-Tard in 2003, which helped to expand Circle K’s territory. In fact, by 2035, there should be a Circle K conveniently located in your bathroom, all thanks to this merger. The future is now! 

Where is Circle K?

Circle K has stores in 47 of America’s 50 states. The only holdouts are Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Utah, ostensibly because they despise convenience! They can also be found in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Europe…the list goes on and on. I’d be willing to bet there’s one across the street from Santa’s North Pole workshop, for when the elves need to grab a late night hot dog. 

What does Circle K stand for?

No, it doesn’t stand for “konvenience.” It stands for Kay. Let me explain. The letter “K” was taken from the name of three Kay’s Drive-In Grocery outlets located in El Paso, Texas. Circle K founder Fred Harvey bought the stores from Kay Misenheimer in 1951 and they formed the basis for the future Circle K empire. 

Where is Circle K headquarters?

Ok, we’ll tell you, but only if you promise to use this information only for the power of good, and not to egg or t.p the building. Got it? Good. Circle K headquarters is located in lovely (I’m assuming, but honestly who knows? Sound off in the comments) Tempe, Arizona. 

The next time you’re driving across this vast, sprawling country of ours, and need to pop in somewhere for some trail mix, Fanta, and a big bag of beef jerky, be sure to check out Circle K. They’ll set you up right, and send you on your way…to the next state’s Circle K! Just be sure to stay out of Utah, Nebraska or Wisconsin. But what would you be doing there anyway, right?

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  • Be careful about going to a Circle K at night. Strange things may be afoot at the Circle K