What Is Colby Jack Cheese?

There are a lot of fancy cheeses out there, but when I think of the most basic, hard-to-offend cheese platter imaginable, there are a few component parts. First, of course, is the cracker selection, which should probably include Ritz and some sort of weird healthy-seeming cracker. As for the cheeses themselves, a mild cheddar must be present. There should also be some Swiss cheese, its iconic holes providing a contrasting texture. And finally, attractive to behold with its orange and white marbling, is Colby Jack. But what exactly is Colby Jack cheese? How is it made? How should one use it? Let’s cut the cheese and find out. 

What is Colby Jack cheese?

Colby Jack cheese is a popular cheese made in the USA that combines Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses into one (hence the name). It is a marble cheese, meaning it has a marbled pattern. It’s mild in flavor and is often used in cooking. 

What is Colby Jack cheese made of?

Colby Jack is the offspring of two other cheeses: Colby and Monterey Jack. When they’re combined together and aged for two weeks, you’ve got a classic, American cheese (which is to say, a cheese made in the USA, not an “American cheese”).

How is Colby Jack cheese made?

Its two component parts of Colby and Monterey Jack cheese begin separately. Essentially you make Colby curds and color them with annatto (food coloring made from achiote seeds) for a distinctive orange coloring. Then you make Monterey Jack curds. Then you blend the curds together to create the marble effect, and age the cheese for a couple weeks. Ta-da! Colby Jack cheese. 

Is Colby Jack cheese spicy?

Colby Jack is an ideal cheese for those with low spice tolerance because it is a very mild cheese without any spiciness. Keep in mind, though, that its cousin, pepper Jack cheese, can be quite spicy due to its various peppers and spices. 

What does Colby Jack taste like?

Colby Jack is the combination of two cheeses—Colby and Monterey Jack—and it tastes like it. These cheeses are both quite mild, melty cheeses with none of the sharpness of cheddar or the smokiness of gouda, and so Colby Jack itself is quite mild and creamy.

Does Colby Jack cheese melt well?

Not only does Colby Jack melt well, it rates among American cheese and mozzarella as one of the top melting cheeses of all time. Introduce a slice of colby jack to heat and it will be a gooey, drippy, cheesy delight in no time. 

What is Colby Jack cheese good for?

Because it’s a very melty cheese, Colby Jack is an ideal option when you want the creaminess of melted cheese without a ton of tangy, funky flavor. Colby Jack is pretty perfect for something like a burger or a grilled ham and cheese. It’s good at intermingling with a lot of other flavors.  

Is Colby Jack a hard cheese? 

Now if you’re asking, “Is Colby Jack a hard cheese to love?” then the answer is clearly no. It’s practically impossible not to fall for this versatile cheese. But to answer your real question, Colby Jack is typically classified as a “semi-hard” cheese.

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