What Is in Everything Bagel Seasoning, Actually?

“Everything” is always a reliable choice when you’re faced with the challenge of choosing a bagel. You don’t have to commit to simply one seed or one spice. It’s got it all. And it shouldn’t be limited to bagels. Luckily, you can now have “everything” on everything thanks to everything bagel seasoning. All the everything, without that pesky bagel getting in the way.  

What is everything bagel seasoning? 

Everything bagel seasoning is all that good stuff outside an everything bagel, in the convenience of a spice shaker! They said it couldn’t be done, but we showed them what’s what. They said the same thing about going to the moon, and nowadays we’re up on that sucker practically every weekend! I mean, between space travel and new additions to our spice racks, you gotta say, “What an age we live in!”

What is in everything bagel seasoning?

Everything bagel seasoning is a pleasant melange of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried garlic, dried onion, and salt. They’re mixed together, jarred up, and ready for the shaking!

You may say, “Hold on a second, that isn’t everything, is it? That’s false advertising! I’ve got quite the lawsuit on my hands.” Well, that may be true, but think it through: If you win that lawsuit, and absolutely everything in existence has to henceforth be included in everything bagel seasoning, that includes you, too. Do you want to live in a spice shaker for the rest of your life? I thought not. 

What should I put everything bagel seasoning on?

Everything bagel seasoning is perfect for shaking over eggs, meats and fish, salads, popcorn, noodles…really, the possibilities are pretty darn limitless! Oh, just don’t put it on a bagel, it’ll explode. 

Is everything bagel seasoning gluten free?

Though most brands of everything bagel seasoning are totally gluten free, it’s always best to consult the label to be sure. Some products can be made in the same facility as non-gluten free things, and cross contaminate. It’s never a bad idea to thoroughly inspect the label if you’re very sensitive to gluten.

What does everything bagel seasoning taste like?

Though it’s tough to boil down to just a simple description, everything bagel seasoning is best encapsulated by the words “salty and savory.” Also, if you can believe it, it kind of tastes like the stuff on an everything bagel. Crazy, but true! 

Now that we have the advent of everything bagel seasoning, we can use it to turn any ordinary round thing into an everything bagel. Shake some on an old tire or a beach inner tube and tell your friends breakfast’s ready. 

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