What Is Skyr? Let’s Dig In

I’ll be honest, I’ve been seeing Skyr in my parents’ fridge for years. Did I ever try it? No. Did I truly understand what it was beyond “some kind of yogurt, probably”? Also no. Did I loudly proclaim “OMG it’s SKRRRRRR” (with a rolled R) every time I opened the fridge and saw it in there? Oh, 100% yes, that’s exactly what I did every single time. But as fun as it is to say, what exactly is Skyr? And how do you actually pronounce it? In the immortal words of Rhett & Link, let’s talk about that.

What is Skyr?

Well, it turns out I wasn’t too far off with my assessment that it was “some kind of yogurt,” as that is indeed what it is. What kind of yogurt, you ask? Icelandic yogurt, baybee. According to Icelandic Provisions, a popular brand of Skyr, it is “a thick & creamy Icelandic yogurt that’s been a provision of Icelanders for nearly 1,000 years.” Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, so it’s just yogurt, big whoop.” But wait, there’s more that makes it special—don’t you go “big whooping” it just yet. It also has a thicker and creamier texture than most yogurt due to the cultures (bacteria and such) used to make it that have been “passed down through generations of Icelanders.” Icelandic Provisions says it takes “nearly four cups of milk to make one cup of Skyr,” which explains the thicc-ness of it all. I’d like to think I’m four cups of woman poured into one and that’s what makes me so thicc and cultured, as well. Am I the Skyr of people? That’s a question for another day. 

Why is Skyr?

I mean besides the 1,000 years of Icelandic tradition being poured into a single serving of yogurt just for you, what other reason is there to choose Skyr over other ‘gurts? Well, gym bros everywhere can appreciate the sheer amount of protein in a single serving of Skyr. Each serving contains roughly 17 whole grams of protein. That’s even more than Greek yogurt, which has around 15 grams per serving. In other words, if you’re trying to get those macros, Skyr may be the traditional Icelandic ‘gurt for you. If you are looking for it in the store, the most common brands are Siggi’s and Icelandic Provisions.

How do you pronounce Skyr?

It’s apparently pronounced skeer, which is significantly less fun to say than SKRRRRRRR but it makes a whole lot more sense.

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