What Is Zevia, Actually?

Soda is effervescent and delicious—but it also has an Achilles heel, one that people are increasingly attuned to. I speak, of course, of its exceptionally high sugar content. But while tastes have changed somewhat and Americans no longer guzzle down Coke and Pepsi to quite the same extent that we used to, we have certainly not given up on carbonated beverages. That’s why seltzer sales have skyrocketed. Sugar be damned, we will still have our bubbles! 

But if you’re not a seltzer fan, or you’re just looking for something more soda-like, but without the sugar, there’s a product on the market that has you in mind: Zevia. 

What is Zevia?

According to the Zevia website’s FAQ section under the question  “What Is Zevia?” they say, “Here at Zevia, we feel strongly about reducing sugar consumption, using simple, plant-based ingredients and creating delicious and refreshing beverages.” Hmm…Not entirely sure that answered the question, Zevia corporate website. 

In point of fact, Zevia is a stevia-sweetened, largely allergen-free soda brand that has now expanded to other products such as iced tea and energy drinks. Oh also, they have “a can for every hand, providing beverages for every family member, every time of day, and for every usage occasion.“

Who owns Zevia?

Based in Los Angeles and open for business since 2007, Zevia is one of those rare beverage companies that, at least for now, is not part of a larger super-conglomerate. 

What is Zevia sweetened with?

All of Zevia’s products are sweetened 100% with the sugar substitute Stevia. It’s easy to remember because the two words rhyme. Stevia, which comes from the stevia plant, is much sweeter than sugar but does not contain any carbs or calories. You may have seen it alongside Splenda and Equal on a diner table or coffee shop counter. It has a distinctive taste that some people don’t enjoy, but others like a lot.

Does Zevia have caffeine?

Not every Zevia drink has caffeine in it, but there are a number of them that do. The iced tea line contains a small amount of caffeine (45 mg/12 oz) and the energy drink line contains a large amount of caffeine (120 mg/12 oz). Some of the original sodas, such as Cola and Dr. Zevia (the company’s take on Dr Pepper), also contain a medium amount of caffeine (45ish mg/12 oz). Be sure to check the label before imbibing! 

Is Zevia keto? 

Yes, Zevia is okay for Keto. Because it contains no sugar or artificial ingredients, Zevia is a popular product in the Keto community, and can be enjoyed on a number of different kinds of diets. 

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