What Is Healthy Coke? And Is It Actually Good for You?

There’s nothing quite like guzzling a delicious Coke on a hot summer day—aside from the lingering thought of, “Ah dang, this is bad for me, huh?” Well, yes, you’re correct, most of the tastiest things are. But, intrepid food influencers across the planet have concocted a new take on the soft drink that they have affectionately dubbed “Healthy Coke.” Does it live up to the name, though? Is it healthy? Is it Coke? What IS it? Today, we examine this drink to see if it could ever replace the Coca-Cola we know and love, or if it’s simply a passing craze. 

What is Healthy Coke?

Unlike the secrecy behind the original Coke’s recipe, Healthy Coke is actually quite simple for anyone to make. It’s only two ingredients! A basic combination of sparkling seltzer water and…balsamic vinegar. Some Tiktokers swear it tastes like the real thing, while others smell a scam. It’s what content creation is all about. 

How to make Healthy Coke?

The process of making this Healthy Coke is deceptively simple. First, put a good amount of ice in a tall glass, and add a splash of balsamic vinegar (around two tablespoons in total, we’re not marinating a chicken here). After that, top it off with seltzer or soda water. Stir your drink, and marvel how the vinegar turns the liquid a cola-like hue! 

Does balsamic vinegar and sparkling water taste like Coke?

Well, TikToker Amanda Jones (aka @amandavjones) seemed to think so, assuring her viewers that it tasted like the real article. However, of the six million people who have viewed the video, most tend to agree that, while refreshing and pleasant, it tastes nothing like Coke. Looks can be deceiving, I suppose. But, as always, there’s only one way to know for sure! You’ll have to give it a try and see for yourself! (I personally tried it with a Lime LaCroix and sadly must agree with the commenters. It definitely looked like Coke, though! So that’s pretty cool, right?) But only YOU can be the judge! 

Whether it tastes like the real deal or not, the “healthy” aspect of Healthy Coke still stands. It is officially better for your body than the sugary sweet elixir that has captured the nation’s heart for decades. So take comfort in that…or pop on over to the 7-Eleven and grab yourself a classic! Man, they’re so good! 

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