What to Eat with Burgers

Look at you! You were a rockstar adult this week and actually bought something you could make a meal out of: burger patties. But, oh, what’s this? You forgot literally everything else but the cheese? Don’t even worry your lil burger-buying head, because we are streamlining your trip back to the grocery store by telling you all the things you could ever want to go with your burgers. Be sure to bookmark this glorious list of what to eat with burgers.

Lamb Weston Grown in Idaho Hand Cut Style Fries

I mean, duh—burgers and fries. Much like Sonny and Cher, Me and Trader Joe, and twentysomethings and existential crises, they just go together. And these fries are truly THE best fries to elevate your burger adulting experience. They are creamy on the inside, crispy and the outside, and, as Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo said, they are “golden and delicious, well-seasoned, crispy, and fatty,” the way fries should be.

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Not a fry guy? That’s A-OK! Be an onion Bunyan (like the lumberjack guy, not the puritan guy or the foot thing). These Ore-Ida onion rings not only go ~amazingly~ well with burgers, they also go ~amazingly~ well with life in general. Why? Because they are, as managing editor Gwynedd Stuart described them, “like big, greasy bangle bracelets with a breading that packs a lot of crunch.” Ore-Ida may have started their journey in the potato world, but they sure know how to do onions right.

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Martin’s Potato Rolls

I know these are technically part of a burger rather than something to go with a burger, but they are too dang good not to mention, so just roll with it. Used at places like Shake Shack and Smashburger, Martin’s Potato Rolls are “sweet, soft, squishy little pillows of carby goodness that can elevate a burger into elite territory,” according to Danny, who added that their “texture is so ethereal that they feel like proof angels exist.” So, I don’t know…maybe try them? Discover a new burger bun-centric religion?

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Ranch Ice Cream?

Nah, just kidding. Ya gotta love yourself a little. Go get a real ice cream, make it into a milkshake, and enjoy your burger with all the boys who are now inexplicably in your yard.

 Trader Joe’s Ode to the Classic Potato Chip

If you are organizing a cookout and trying to figure out not only what to eat with burgers but what to eat with turkey burgers as well (sometimes the health nut neighbors show up and you want to show them you were thinking of them like the awesome host that you are), I say grab yourself some chips. They aren’t so rich that they will outshine the turkey burgers, but they are also greasy enough that they won’t taste bland next to the beef burgers. Also, can I just say, Trader Joe’s does classic potato chips VERY well. They have the thin oiliness of Lay’s but also an “earthy, fresh, potato-skin flavor” that reminds you that these potatoes once resided in the ground. In a good way.

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Dietz & Watson Kosher Pickle Spears

More people need to be serving pickles with their burgers. Not just in them, with them. If you find yourself at a loss when pondering what goes with burgers or what to eat with burgers, we gotchu. Pickles will never not be a good choice. And these pickles are the best choice you could make for that classic kosher dill pop of flavor. Senior writer Jordan Myrick called these pickles “crunchy, flavorful, and juicy. They’re briny without being too salty. They’re a classic dill pickle in the best way possible.” Plus they took them home after the taste test. That’s how you KNOW these pickles are the move.

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