What to Eat with Chili

Sometimes chili alone is not enough, and the universe leaves us wondering what to eat with our big bowl of spicy meat and beans. “No more oyster crackers,” I hear you plead in hopes of a more exciting chili experience. Worry not, weary traveler—we have plenty of suggestions when it comes to what to eat with chili. From extra-crunchy to soft-baked goods, these sides will complement your chili in delicious and comforting fashion. 

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If you’re looking for a somewhat healthy option for what to eat with chili, Triscuits should be on your chili-pairings radar. These sturdy shredded-wheat crackers can take on any hearty, chunk-filled chili. As Danny Palumbo wrote in Sporked’s ranking of the best crackers, “When Triscuits are fresh, it’s hard to beat their coarse texture and unique bite.” Chili is largely about the textural experience, if you ask me, so adding another layer of texture to the affair only heightens the experience. Stay sturdy, Triscuits.

Jiffy Cornbread

If you’re still stuck on what to eat chili with, why not go with a tried-and-true classic? Corn bread, that is! My family loves to eat Jiffy cornbread with chili, and I’m sure we’re not alone. When I asked my dad why it’s our go-to, he replied, “Such is the way it has always been.” Truer words have never been spoken, my friend. The slightly sweet and buttery taste of the cornbread makes the experience of eating a filling bowl of chili all the more comforting. This is the epitome of a nice home-cooked meal. A hunk of cornbread is perfect for soaking up just the right amount of liquid from the chili, making for the perfect bite with every dunk.

New York Bakery Texas Toast Caesar Croutons 

Like Triscuits, croutons can add some much-needed crunch to a mushy chili. Not that there’s anything wrong with a mushy chili, but sometimes you gotta shake it up a bit and add some bite. Croutons may seem like an outlandish addition, but think of them as flavor-blasted oyster crackers with ten times the crunch. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart firmly believes in the versatility of croutons, and listed New York Bakery Texas Toast Caesar Croutons as the best of the best in her ranking of the best croutons. “These are good for so much more than Caesar salads,” Gwynedd wrote, raving about their garlicky flavor. We couldn’t agree more, Gwynedd. Throw them in your chili!!

Signature Select Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

When you’re looking for what to eat with chili, you’re probably thinking carbs—and if you can add some butter and garlic to the equation, that’s even better. In Sporked’s best frozen garlic bread ranking, Gwynedd informs us that, “If you like a stick, this is the best frozen garlic bread you can buy.” For chili purposes, we do love a stick because it allows for optimum dipping. Like cornbread, the breadstick serves as a vessel for the chili liquid, sopping up the savory goodness for the perfect bite. Don’t sleep on these breadsticks.

Lamb Weston Hand Cut Style Fries

Fries may seem like an odd chili accompaniment at first, but let me hit you with this idea: deconstructed chili cheese fries. In Sporked’s best frozen french fries ranking, Danny put these Lamb Weston fries in the top spot. He describes them as “creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside”—everything we could ask of a frozen french fry and more. The fries’ crispy exterior will keep them nice and crunchy when they’re dipped into—or even topped with—chili. If you’re looking for an artsy chili experience, this is the one, my friends.

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  • The only true answer to this question is a Cinnamon Roll, preferably homemade but out of a tin will work just fine. Sadly no cinnamon rolls for me, so I make due with GF corn bread.

  • chili with cornbread is good but chili served over noodles with cheese is superior. I’ll usually add cornbread on the side of that

  • The best side to chili is a peanut butter sandwich!