Which Country Has The Most Expensive Groceries? Rhett & Link Find Out 

Where in the world can you get the best deal on Red Bully, Nutella, and Netflix? On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link find out. In the ep, the dudes compete against each other to see who can spend the least by “shopping” for different items from different countries. The winner goes to shopping heaven, while the loser goes to shopping hell—the stakes couldn’t be higher. Think you can guess the right answer? Let the showdown commence!

Round 1: Nutella

Country options: Thailand, Italy, and South Africa

Where is Nutella the least and most expensive? According to Rhett, Nutella is from Italy (that’s his party fact), which led him to guess that, even though Italians are proud of their product, Italy sells the cheapest Nutella. 

Link remembered seeing Nutella when he was in Thailand, so he picked Thailand as his guess for where you can find the least expensive Nutella. Sound reasoning.

It’s time for the reveal. Drum roll, please. Nutella is the least expensive in Italy! Mamma mia! A smaller jar will cost you $3.27. The most expensive country to get Nutella is Thailand, where a jar of Nutella costs $6.23. According to Stevie, low demand for Western food and a lack of nearby factories drives up the price in Thailand.

Round 2: Poultry

Country options: Mexico, China, and Switzerland

According to Link, “China is a big place, and there are lots of chickens. Close your eyes and grab, and you’re going to grab a chicken leg.” So, he guessed that poultry might be cheapest in China.

Rhett followed his gut and guessed that poultry might be cheapest in Mexico.

And Rhett was, once again, correct! According to Stevie, you can get about one kilogram of chicken (that’s a little over two pounds) in Mexico for $3.11. China is the second least expensive option. 

Round 3: Red Bull

Country options: Germany, Philippines, and Portugal

Link said that the Philippines is the cheapest place to buy Red Bull because  “I’m feeling the peens.” He also recalled that Red Bull was first derived from a similar drink in the Philippines called Krating Daeng. Now you have a party fact, too! 

Rhett went with Germany as the cheapest option because he thought there would be high demand for Red Bull with all the Berlin clubbing.

Rhett must have unlocked the secrets of the universe because he was right again. Red Bull is the cheapest (among the options) in Germany. A can is $1.37 there due to the nearby production facility in Austria, as Stevie explained. The most expensive option is the Philippines, where a can goes for $3.35. According to Stevie, there’s a sweetened beverage tax in the Philippines.

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Round 4: Honey

Country options: United States, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom

Link speculated that there might be a lot of pollination-friendly land in the UK, so he guessed that the UK is the least expensive option.

Rhett guessed that honey is the least expensive in the U.S. “Honey is cheap, have you bought honey lately??” he remarked.

The country with the least expensive honey is the UK! Finally, a victory for Link. Honey is about $3.29 per 500 grams there, Stevie said. The UK imports cheap honey from countries like China that utilize unnatural sugar syrups. Yum. The U.S. was the second least expensive option for $6.34. 

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Round 5: Basic Netflix Subscription Plan

Country options: Poland, Egypt, Puerto Rico

Link guessed that Netflix may be cheapest in Poland because they might not offer much Polish content. Rhett said that he also would have picked Poland, but he pivoted to Egypt since Link picked his first guess.

According to Stevie, Egypt has the least expensive Netflix subscription plan at just $2.27 per month! She mentioned that there isn’t much information available about the specifics of each country’s pricing, but Netflix does adjust its prices based on the economic climate, government regulations, and taxes. Stevie added that Poland was the second least expensive option at $7.09 per month.

So, where are you moving to based on these prices? Will you gorge yourself on fake honey in the UK or drown yourself in Nutella in Italy?

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