An Honest Review of the New Holiday White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&Ms

It just doesn’t feel quite like the holiday season without some limited-edition seasonal candies, and of course, M&M came to play for your attention. The new Holiday White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&Ms come with a mix of three different shell colors: brown, white, and off-white. 

I like that the colors of this new M&M flavor are not in-your-face Christmassy. In my opinion, red and green are a seasonal color mix that is overdone in the candy world. Plus, I like that this new white chocolate M&M celebrates the nostalgic memories of drinking hot chocolate and relishing in the contrast between the chilly night and a toasty beverage. But are these new white chocolate M&Ms any good? I tasted them to find out. 

White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&Ms

New M&M Flavor!

White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&Ms

This new M&M flavor tastes like white hot chocolate with a subtle note of cinnamon. So, if you’re a fan of white chocolate candy, then you’ll probably like this white chocolate M&M! While it’s not the most memorable flavor experience (or the best M&M flavor I’ve had), this would make for a cute candy to munch on during a holiday lights tour.

Like other M&M options, this new flavor is easy to overeat! I wanted to try a few of these, but it quickly devolved into me eating a quarter of the bag. YOLO, I guess. The 7.44 oz bag we bought contains seven servings per pack, lol, so beware if you care. 

This new M&M flavor could be great in homemade M&M cookies with chocolatey dough to help the white chocolate M&Ms sing. Wow, that’s genius, I’m basically Rosanna Pansino.

Overall, the Holiday White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&Ms are worth a try!




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