10 Items or Less: Selena Gomez

Welcome to 10 Items or Less! A series in which we create a 10-item-or-less grocery haul for our favorite food-loving celebrities.

This week, we’re grocery shopping for a woman who does it all: Selena Gomez. She’s a singer, actor, makeup mogul, host, and activist. How can she possibly have time to fill her fridge when she’s wearing so many hats at work? Don’t worry, Selena. We’ve got you! Since Selena Gomez eats a vegetable-heavy diet that she sources from local farmers’ markets, here are five great products I’d pick up for her to supplement her produce haul.

Essentia Bottled Water

Hydration is so important. Plus, celebrities love fancy bottled water. That’s why we’d grab Selena an Essentia to take to her workout at whichever Los Angeles celebrity gym she attends. This is our favorite bottled water and we’re sure she’ll like it too.

Seeds of Change Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Selena’s trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, has talked about how Selena’s go-to meal is a rice bowl. If she likes rice bowls, she’ll love this rice. Seeds of Change Organic Brown Basmati Rice is nutty, tender, and filling.

365 Organic Green Tea

Selena also turns to green tea for energy and hydration. Whole Foods 365 brand has one of our favorites. This is an easy-to-drink, mild, everyday green tea that we know Selena will enjoy drinking. Whether she’s looking for a midday pick-me-up or a beverage to start her day, this is a great option.

Battistoni Cup & Char Style Pepperoni

Selena keeps it pretty healthy in general, but she recently showed us what she eats as a fun, late-night snack in a video for Vanity Fair: Ritz crackers, spray cheese, and pepperoni. To really up her late-night snack game, she should be using Battistoni pepperoni. It’s fatty, salty, spicy, and the perfect addition to her mini pizza bites.

Trader Joe’s Flour Tortillas

Selena Gomez is a breakfast eater. Specifically, she is a breakfast burrito eater. You can’t have a good breakfast burrito without a good flour tortilla. These Trader Joe’s flour tortillas are our favorite for burritos. They’re soft, sturdy, and big. Happy breakfasting, Selena!

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