10 Items or Less: Elyse Myers

Welcome to 10 Items or Less! A series in which we create a 10-item-or-less grocery haul for our favorite food-loving celebrities.

This week, we’re shopping for the most relatable person on TikTok, Elyse Myers. This content creator, singer, and mom is beloved by so many, including us. She’s super busy ruling the world so we designed this shopping list for her. Hope this helps, Elyse!

Boar’s Head Deli Picante Provolone

Elyse recently went viral by making her version of a Subway sandwich at home after realizing that Subway had gotten so expensive. We love this! We want to up Elyse’s at-home sub game by grabbing her this provolone from Boar’s Head. It’s one of our favorite sliced cheeses of all time.

Honey Maid Graham Crackers

Elyse posted a very cute video of herself handing her son a graham cracker. The video is absolutely precious, but we want to make sure she’s serving up the best graham crackers the grocery store has to offer. We’ve tasted a bunch and Honey Maid is a must-buy.

Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Soothing Serenity Blend

Elyse is an incredible singer, prolific TikToker, and new podcast host. Without her voice, she couldn’t do her job! We’re getting her a box of one of our favorite teas to soothe her throat. Plus, this tea is meant to also relieve stress. Like me, Elyse has anxiety and this tea is very helpful. It’s so calming!

Cardini’s Original Caesar Dressing

I believe that Elyse’s caesar salad is very good. Her TikTok made me want to copy the recipe on the spot. I will say, however, we’re picking up a bottle of Cardini’s Original Caesar Dressing. We also like the Ken’s Steakhouse Creamy Caesar Dressing that she uses, but Cardini’s is truly the best. We want her to try it and give us her thoughts.

For Bitter For Worse Eva’s Spritz

First of all, congrats on being pregnant, Elyse! Second of all, here is the best canned mocktail on the market! Whether you’re having friends over or just want a little drink before dinner, this alcohol-free spritz is a wonderful, complex, easy option.

Dietz & Watson Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

I don’t know if pregnant women actually crave pickles, but I’m grabbing these just to be safe. She’ll love these pickle spears, whether it’s a pregnancy craving or not. These are crunchy, flavorful, and juicy—they’re our favorite pickles!

Earth Balance Crunchy Peanut + Flaxseed Spread

“Reese’s Toast” is a fun, delicious way Elyse likes to prepare her toast. It became so popular on TikTok that Reese Witherspoon even made it! Elyse adds butter, peanut butter, and chocolate chips to toast, making the perfect afternoon snack. She insists on using crunchy peanut butter, though. We want to recommend Earth Balance Crunchy Peanut + Flaxseed Spread because it has such a great crunch.

Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Thick Sliced White Bread

Speaking of toast, we can’t recommend Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Thick Sliced White Bread enough so it’s going in Elyse’s cart. This bread toasts up perfectly and will definitely enhance her Reese’s toast.

Dunkin’ Extra Extra Coffee Creamer

Elyse is a coffee drinker. To be specific, Elyse is a Dunkin’ drinker. We’re grabbing her a bottle of Dunkin’ creamer to keep at home because it makes any coffee just as good as Dunkin’ coffee. We’re telling you: the magic is in the creamer!

Chocolate Chex

Elyse made a TikTok talking about cereal with chocolate chips being one of her pregnancy cravings. Elyse, please let us turn you on to Chocolate Chex. It’s one of the best cereals we have ever had. It’s so chocolatey and delicious. You will love it!

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