4 Foods You Should be Buying at Urban Outfitters

This might sound weird, but you should be buying food at Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters food? I know. But trust me! They actually have some pretty good culinary delights at this mall store for teens.

While I don’t recommend doing your grocery shopping at UO, I do think there are a few things you might consider buying there. The next time you’re in Urban buying an expensive pair of cut-off denim shorts and a copy of Muna’s self-titled album on vinyl, check out these cool culinary brands.

Camp Mac’ N’ Cheese (and Other Instagram Foods)

I’ve seen this aesthetically pleasing mac and cheese all over the internet. I don’t really know why they sell it at Urban Outfitters but I am obsessed with the pastel box and swirly font that makes me want to buy it. Since Urban Outfitters regularly has sales, you might be able to get pricey Instagram foods like this boxed mac and cheese  at a discount.

Wellness Drinks

Urban Outfitters has a ton of drinks for sale for some reason. Whether you’re looking for “mind-boosting” Psychedelic Water, chlorophyll water whose color is so pleasing it might inspire an accent wall, or non-alcoholic wine that could totally fit in in at your local natural wine store, Urban Outfitters has a beverage to wet your whistle. The next time you need to buy the world’s smallest crop top, you can also buy a cute little drink to enjoy while wearing your new, tiny crop top!

Food Gifts

If you’re looking for a fancy, cool, culinary gift, Urban Outfitters is a good bet. They have everything from boxes of Poop Like a Champion (one of the best high fiber cereals that doubles as a gag gift) to actually nice presents someone would want like a kit to make flourless dark chocolate cake with gold leaf. Turn to Urban Outfitters for stocking stuffers, quick birthday gifts, or little anniversary treats for your sweetie.

Instant Packets of Stuff

Urban Outfitters is obsessed with packets. Need coffee but don’t have a coffee maker? They have hemp instant coffee powder. Looking to cook a quick dinner? You can grab a packet of Omsom Thai Krapow sauce. Trying to party? You can get packets of powdered cocktail mix. You can find a packet of just about anything at Urban Outfitters and how cute is that? You can toss them into your purse or keep them in your car. They’re quick, easy, and portable.

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  • Our Dollar tree now has most stuff at 1.25. Some at $3. Just saying. Still some real good items.