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Have you ever been really thirsty and desperately need to pee at the same time? Behold, the 7-Eleven. Come for the bathroom, stay for the wall-to-wall refrigerators showcasing every category of liquid you can think of (minus hard liquor). But exactly what kind of 7-Eleven drinks can you expect to find the next time you step inside for a pee break? We put together this quick list of the best 7-Eleven drinks we’ve seen on our trips to keep you hydrated, awake, and informed.

Self-Serve Coffee & 7-Eleven Fountain Drinks 

You might get a little overwhelmed by the two aisles of coffee carousels, Slurpee machines, and Big Gulp soda dispensers crowding the back of every 7-Eleven—and that’s okay. You’re human. Here are some highlights: $1 small slurpees in specialty flavors like Mtn Dew Pitch Black (which every Mtn Dew fanatic needs to try, asap); nitro cold brew on tap; a Pacman Pinky’s coffee machine (which is a coffee brand apparently brought to you by… Pacman? I have so many questions); and the regular line-up of hot coffee flavors, ready to pour. Like it or not, you are leaving this establishment highly caffeinated, as god and capitalism intended. 

Bottled Iced Coffees

If navigating a bajillion self-serve coffee carousels is too much, don’t sweat it. 7-Eleven carries a wide variety of Starbucks Frappuccino flavors and even a few iced coffee options from Nescafe in their cold beverage section. 

Energy Drinks 

Want to stop and ogle at every flavor of Monster known to mankind? Lucky for you, the 7-Eleven energy drinks section is an energy drink zoo. Liquid Death, Bang Energy, Red Bull, Rockstar, C4, you name it, they’ve got it. America runs on energy drinks, and what is 7-Eleven if not the backbone of American consumerism? 

Cold Pressed Juices

If you think the cold-pressed juice craze hasn’t infiltrated your local 7-Eleven, think again. In fact, the store’s very own private brand 7-Select makes a cold-pressed juice in four different flavors, like sweet and fruity Tropical Glow and tart Restoration Red. The 7-Eleven I visited had a very limited selection of 7-Select juices right next to a much larger selection of the most popular juice brand on the market, Naked.

Wellness Drinks

Speaking of phases and crazes, 7-Eleven also offers wellness and immunity drinks. I spotted a colorful row of prebiotic protein shakes from Remedy Organics, and some flavors of Bai, an electrolyte and antioxidant-infused wellness drink. Before you know it, 7-Eleven could be stocking those overpriced wellness shots you can find at Whole Foods—which, hey, might not be the worst idea? I’d like to justify buying a big tube of Pringles by downing ginger shot and calling it a day. 

Cases of Beer

You might be wondering, “Does 7-Eleven sell alcohol?” Well, the answer to that will depend on your state, but here in California they certainly do! 7-Eleven offers beer by the bottle and bythe case. (I actually grabbed a case of Blue Moon when I scoped the place out. It was 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.) From Budweiser and Busch to Stella Artois, the 7-Eleven beer aisle may not replace your local liquor store, but it will definitely work in a pinch. 

Cheap Wine

I was pleasantly surprised to find a wine rack among the 7-Eleven drinks selection. Their bottles ranged from around $6 (like this Yosemite Moscato) to $18. If you want to pick up cheap wine, you don’t have to brave the Trader Joe’s parking lot—try these 7-Eleven wine options instead and let us know how they taste. 

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