Aldi Is Selling New Mexican-Style ‘Street Corn’ Chips and People Are Raving About Them

It’s unfortunate that the closest Aldi to my home is 100 miles away, because one of these days they’ll come out with a product that looks so great, I will legally have to make the drive. Do I want to fill my car up in this economy just for a grocery store run? No. But this week’s bit of Aldi news almost made me do it. 

Here’s the news: Aldi just started carrying a limited edition product called Casa Mamita’s Organic Mexican-Style Street Corn Flavored Big Dipper Corn Chips. Yes, the product name is 12 words long. No, that doesn’t bother me. As I’ve made pretty clear, I want these chips badly. What are they exactly? They seem to be corn chips flavored like two popular corn-centric Mexican street foods: elotes (corn on the cob with mayonnaise, chili powder, lime juice, Cotija cheese, and cilantro) and esquites (cob-less corn, similar toppings). 

According to Mashed, “The shape of the chips is akin to Fritos scoops, and they’re dusted with a Mexican street corn flavoring.” As far as “street corn flavoring,” I can only imagine that these chips have a hint of chili powder, a zing of lime, and a tangy, cheesy, sour cream-like powder of some kind that complements the taste of the corn chips. Have I mentioned I want to try these?

Scoopability-wise, the reviews are in—and they’re positive. Instagram commenters have been saying that these thiccc chips can stand up to anything from guacamole to sour cream to salsa. These esquites-flavored chips can even be used to scoop actual esquites (Siri, play “Circle of Life”). The product is available only for a limited time, and that time is the summer. So if you want these chips, get them now before I finally make it to an Aldi store and buy all of them out from under you.

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  • I bought a bag in May. Delicious went back every week since and no luck . I just want another bag. Management here in Birmingham said they will not get anymore.
    If I could order a case I would.

  • This is weird I don’t understand if you even have anything to do with what this message is connected to but I’m reading all these corn chips how can I order some I want them I don’t care what they cost I love them and they stop carrying them there’s no place to order them I’m lost how can I order a case of them Paul [email protected]