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Aldi is never one to shy away from unexpected flavor combos. Jalapeño havarti? Turns out it’s delicious. Baked potato potato chips? Absolutely incredible. Pickle-stuffed frozen shrimp? Okay, those weren’t the best things we’ve ever tried. But the point is, Aldi is all in on experimenting with flavors and that’s definitely true when it comes to the classic fall flavor of pumpkin spice. If you’re looking to go beyond the basic PSL and really live that pumpkin spice life this fall, be sure to check out these pumpkin spice foods and drinks from Aldi.

Three Mills Pumpkin Spice Mulled Wine 

Why should beer lovers be the only ones to enjoy pumpkin spice booze? This pumpkin spiced wine (made in the UK) is flavored with cinnamon and clove and other classic pumpkin pie spices (there’s no actual pumpkin in the bottle). It’s meant to be sipped warm, so fingers crossed the weather changes soon, because this pumpkin spiced Aldi product is hitting shelves on 9/6. You can pick up a bottle for $5.99. 

State of Brewing Pumpkin Pie Cider 

Not interested in taking a chance on pumpkin wine from the UK? This pumpkin pie cider is returning to Aldi shelves on 9/8. And at just $8 for a six-pack, it’s a pretty affordable way to indulge in your annual craving for an alcoholic drink that tastes a little bit like a muffin. 

Bake Shop Pumpkin Sliced Loaf Cake 

People love Bake Shop’s banana bread, so this seasonal offering (arriving 9/8, selling for $3.45) has a lot to live up to. But, according to reviews, it is up to the task. It’s made with actual pumpkin, so it really tastes like the gourd and it’s pleasantly moist (apologies to those who find that word offensive). 

Bake Shop Pumpkin Cake Roll 

Another returning favorite, this cake roll is filled with buttercream rather than cream cheese filling, as has been the case in the past. That means it can stay out on the counter, so you can be the hero of your office and bring it into work as a mid-afternoon snack (or breakfast, who are we kidding). Available 9/8, selling for $4.95.

Bake Shop Pumpkin Pecan Cookies 

Reddit loved these pumpkin pecan cookies last year. They’re described as halving that fresh-baked texture and one Redditor admitted to finishing off the entire pack in just two days. So, be sure to grab them the second they hit the shelves on 9/27. You can buy them for just $3.89.

Simply Nature Pumpkin Applesauce Cups

We love Aldi’s applesauce pouches, so we’re psyched to try these pumpkin-y applesauce cups. They seem like a perfect afternoon snack for both grown-ups and kiddos who have no desire to chew but really want some good fall flavors. They’ll be available on 9/6 for just $1.95.

Barissimo Pumpkin Spice Cold Foam 

Want to make your own version of Starbucks’ new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew? This new pumpkin spice foam (which comes in a canister like store-bought whipped cream) could be the answer. But you’ll have to wait until it’s actually fall to buy it. It’ll be available starting 9/27 for $4.49.

Sundae Shoppe Pumpkin Latte Ice Cream Bars 

Aldi has sold pumpkin spice ice cream in pints before, but now it’ll be available as a chocolate-dipped ice cream bar. It’s described as pumpkin ice cream with caramel sauce, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with cinnamon cookie crumbles. And you’ll have to beat us to the freezer aisle to get a box because we’ll be camping outside the store the morning of 9/27 to buy them for just $3.79 a package. 

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