At-Home Father’s Day Brunch Ideas

It’s that time of year again—the time when we get to celebrate dads everywhere by making them a chocolatey pancake and bacon-filled brunch, giving them a punny card that says something to the effect of “You always know eggsactly what yolks to tell to crack me up, dad,” and having a fun time going to Top Golf or watching sports. Or, if you are my dad, your ideal Father’s Day is baking 20 loaves of bread and then going to Costco for the samples. What can I say, the man knows exactly what he wants (and kneads). But brunches certainly aren’t just for Mother’s Day, so here is our list of Father’s Day brunch ideas for ya, fresh off the griddle.

Birch Benders Organic Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Speaking of griddles, griddle me this: Why is it that every dad has their own signature pancake? There’s no punchline there, it was just an honest question. In any case, this is the one day a year where you must be the maker of the pancakes and not him, so why not use the best pancake mix you could possibly buy and make him something special? These pancakes were so good, the Sporked team absolutely flipped (haha get it?). Seriously though, contributor Danny Palumbo noted that the “buttermilk flavor is absolutely delicious; the tangy taste is tamed by additional sweet, sugary notes that create a perfectly balanced batter.” This pancake batter was so good, we wanted to eat it plain—that’s not typical.

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Pearl Milling Company Original Syrup

A pancake without syrup is like a dad without dad jokes—they still exist and they are still awesome and lovable, but they lack that level of childlike whimsy that lends a certain je ne sais dadness to any situation. And this syrup is THE syrup to end all syrups. Pick up this syrup before Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of this “buttery and sweet and a little salty,” syrup that Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick called “the syrup,” and pour a little childlike whimsy into your mid-June father-felicitating festivities.

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Just Egg Plant-Based Scramble

We needed something on this list for the veggie dads out there, seeing as there are also two types of meat on this list. Let’s just say we knew egg-zactly what to include. Just Egg is a vegan egg substitute that actually tastes good! It looks and tastes convincingly like egg, plus your dad is sure to make some Just Egg-cellent puns about it all morning long. Scramble things up a bit this year and (egg)drop these onto your Father’s Day brunch shopping list.

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Coleman Natural Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon

Is there anything in this life better than bacon? Yeah, probably. But is there any bacon in life better than this bacon from Coleman? Perhaps not, my friends. One of the Sporked crew’s guest tasters noted that it’s “really, really good quality meat,” and that it has a great meat-to-fat ratio and just the right amount of brown sugar in the brine. Superb flavor, superb texture, superb bacon. Perfect for your superb dad this superb Father’s Day.

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Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Original Pork Sausage Links

Not every dad is a bacon dad. Some dads are sausage dads. And that’s okay; we love them all the same. That being said, you have to get them the best sausage on the market for it to be a good Father’s Day brunch idea. Bonus points if you make a ~super mature~ joke about this brunch being a real sausage party. Bonus bonus points if your dad laughs at that joke. Bonus bonus bonus points if you get these sausages from Jimmy Dean for him because, hooo boi, are these things ideal. Danny pointed out that these lil breakfast delights have great depth of flavor and are “peppery, juicy, salty, and just a bit sweet,” just, if I may point out, like your dad.

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M&M’s Minis (for the pancakes)

Lastly, the M&M’s. “Why are M&M’s on a list of Father’s Day brunch ideas?” I hear you cry. Because, silly, ya gotta drop them in the pancakes! And if you use mini M&M’s it is basically chocolate confetti, something I never knew I needed until right this very second. Most dads love chocolate (that’s just a scientific fact), so why not incorporate one of his fave flaves into the pancakes of the day? Plus. the mini M&M’s come in cute lil tubes so you don’t have to buy a huge amount just to get enough for your pancake (or let’s be honest, pouring into mouth while making pancakes) needs. Let him know that there will be M&M’s involved and you can bet your dad won’t wake up too chocolate for brunch.

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