At-Home Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

The magic of Mother’s Day is that we spend a whole 24 hours showering our mothers and the moms in our lives with the profound love and affection they shower on us the other 364 days of the year. Pats on backs all around! A great way to start her one big day a year? A homemade brunch that doesn’t consist of burnt toast and scrambled eggs riddled with bits of shell. We know, we know. You’re not seven years old and this isn’t a breakfast-in-bed scene in a trite family comedy. But, still, your best bet for pulling this off is buying stuff she’s sure to love (and that you can’t really screw up). If you’re looking for all the perfect stuff to pick up at the grocery store, check out our list of can’t-fail at-home Mother’s Day brunch ideas.

Specially Selected Maple French Toast Bagels

There’s no one sweeter than mom (right?), so you damn well better start her off with something sweet to match. Specially Selected Maple French Toast bagels are deliciously sweet and about 800 times easier to prepare than actual French toast, perfect for the mom who always told you to work smarter, not harder. These bagels from Aldi are packed with cinnamon and scattered with raisins for extra pops of sweetness. Toast one of these puppies and slather it with lots of butter or cream cheese (or vegan butter or vegan cream cheese). Heck, you could even drizzle some syrup on top if you really want to wow her and avoid a potential guilt trip later.

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Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix

Moms shouldn’t lift a finger on Mother’s Day, and what goes hand in hand with a day of relaxation? Getting absolutely housed at 11:30 a.m., of course! And since mom puts blood, sweat, and tears into everything she does for you, we’re thinking Bloody Marys. And good news: Our favorite store-bought Bloody Mary mix is already mom-approved! As mom and Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling said, this BM mix is “tangy, tomato-forward, and, most of all, extremely savory.” And, don’t worry, it’s good for a virgin Bloody if mom doesn’t imbibe.

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Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon

Normally, I would suggest the most indulgent version of bacon because, I mean, come on—it’s bacon! And it’s a holiday! In this case, though, we’re putting mom’s health first—but that doesn’t mean we’re putting flavor second. This Great Value lower sodium bacon is so good you truly wouldn’t be able to tell it’s lower sodium. It’s got luscious, fatty flavor and plenty of smoke, but only 90 milligrams of sodium per slice. There’s literally no way mom isn’t going to be touched when you explain this choice to her. Brownie points!

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Three Little Pigs Uncured Bacon & Swiss

Maybe you were thinking that you’d wake up on Mother’s Day and just run to Starbucks to grab coffee and brunchy stuff for your mom or wife. I can’t say I’ve been to Starbucks on Mother’s Day, but I can only imagine it’s a damn scene, so save yourself the agony and pick up some of these perfect egg bites in advance. According to managing editor Gwynedd Stuart, these taste exactly like Starbucks egg bites—salty, meaty, silky, and custardy. Popping these in the microwave for 40 seconds sure beats standing in line for 40 minutes only to have someone misspell your name—the name your mother gave you!—on a Venti coffee cup.

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Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Complete Rainbow Sprinkles Pancake Kit

This pancake mix is perfect if you’re looking to fully commit to role reversal on Mother’s Day. This is pure childhood magic in a box, and mom deserves to be the one having fun today. And, for real, what could be more fun that a stack of pancakes littered with sprinkles and drenched in friggin’ Dunkaroos frosting? Nothing. Nothing is the answer. You’re bringing back childhood bliss with this one. Mom is stoked.

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