Best Store-Bought Biscuits: Butter Up the 6 Best

The best store-bought biscuits are fluffy, moist, and easy to prepare.They’re one of my desert island foods—delicious, affordable, and versatile. I could eat them for every meal and never grow tired of them. And, believe it or not, I typically prefer a store-bought biscuit to a homemade biscuit. There’s something about the ease and familiarity of a canned or frozen biscuit that feels comforting to me.

We bought every store-bought biscuit we could get our hands on to try in a head-to-head biscuit taste test. They were all good, but some were truly great. Read on for the best store-bought biscuits at the grocery.

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Best of the Best

Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits

Pillsbury Grands Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits are the perfect store-bought biscuits. When you bake them, they get nice and tall. The outside is crusty, while the inside remains soft and fluffy. They simply melt in your mouth. Their flavor is buttery but light, which makes them the perfect vehicle for butter, jam, and honey. They also have a sturdy exterior that would make a solid biscuit sandwich filled with fried chicken, pimento cheese, or sausage and egg. These are definitely the best biscuits on the market.

Credit: Paula Kunatee / Target




Best Buttery

Great Value Butter Flavor Jumbo Biscuits

When Great Value says butter flavor, they mean butter flavor. These biscuits have chunks of butter heavily peppered throughout the dough that melt and turn into pockets of hot, melted butter when they cook. If that doesn’t sell you on these biscuits, you need to talk about that with your therapist. The biscuits are large. They’re buttery without being greasy. You do not need to add a single thing to these biscuits before consuming them. I mean, you could. It would be great! But these are the only store-bought biscuits on the list I would happily eat totally plain.

Credit: Paula Kunatee / Walmart




Best Budget

Kroger Butter Flavored Ready-to-Bake Jumbo Biscuits

Kroger’s butter-flavored jumbo biscuits feel like the younger sibling of the Great Value jumbo biscuits. They are very similar, but the Kroger version is a little smaller and a little less buttery than their rival version at Walmart. That being said, they still taste incredible and share many of the same wonderful qualities, like a fluffy interior, crunchy exterior, and rich flavor. If Kroger is more your jam than Walmart, these will absolutely scratch the buttery-store-bought-biscuit itch.

Credit: Credit: Paula Kunatee / Ralph’s




Best Convenient

Pillsbury Grands! Southern Style Frozen Breakfast Biscuits

My southern family has always sworn by frozen biscuits because they’re perfect for anyone who wants a biscuit with every meal. It’s so easy to just toss one or two into a toaster oven and have a hot, freshly baked biscuit in no time, unlike canned biscuits which take a little longer to cook up. These frozen biscuits from Pillsbury are super crusty on the outside and have a nice rise. Now, my colleague Naajia Shukri and I keep them in the freezer and make an office biscuit whenever we get peckish.

Credit: Paula Kunatee / Walmart




Best Sweet

Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Honey Butter Biscuits

I don’t think of sweet when I think of biscuits. Sure, I would put a drizzle of honey or a smear of marmalade onto one, but I don’t think of biscuits themselves as sweet. Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Honey Butter Biscuits changed my mind about sweet biscuits. These are delicious. Not only are they sweet, they have a distinct honey flavor. In terms of the best store-bought biscuits, these are absolutely the best sweet option we tried.

Credit: Paula Kunatee / Walmart




Best for a Sandwich

Immaculate Baking Organic Flaky Biscuits

Their name is not a lie. These looked immaculate when they came out of the oven. They have tons of beautiful layers, and are super doughy and buttery. They would be superb for a biscuit breakfast sandwich because they break in half easily and have a lot of surface area. For some reason, I did not have high hopes for these biscuits. I owe you an apology, Immaculate biscuits. You ended up being one of the best store-bought biscuits we tried.

Credit: Paula Kunatee / Target / Instacart




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