3 Best Frozen Chicken Patties for DIY Fast Food

When you cook up the best frozen chicken patties, you should get  something close to what you’d get at a fast food establishment, but better quality. They should be juicy, crispy, and well-seasoned. They should fit perfectly between two buns and have a flat surface upon which you can lay a thatch of pickle chips. I tasted all the frozen chicken patties I could find in order to find the best chicken patty for you and your pickle thatching needs. 

Let me start by saying this: It’s easier to find good frozen chicken fillets for at-home fried chicken sandwiches than it is to find really good frozen chicken patties. We accidentally ordered the Just Bare chicken fillets and we were wowed. They are not, however, frozen chicken patties. They are frozen chicken fillets—full pieces of chicken that have been breaded and fried. But if you’re looking for a frozen chicken patty made with ground meat, this list is for you. Here are the three best frozen chicken patties available.

best frozen chicken patties

Best Fast Food Dupe

Good & Gather Chicken Breast Patties

These Good & Gather chicken patties are most similar to a certain sandwich you can get from a certain $1 menu. The pressed, ground chicken round is very nostalgic. It crisps up nicely when you throw it in the oven or air fryer and you can easily create a fast food chicken sandwich dupe with the right bun, pickles, and mayo. If you’re trying to be healthier and save money but are craving fast food, cook up one of these for a DIY McChicken!

Credit: Liv Averett / Target




best store-bought chicken patties

Best Juicy

Applegate Naturals Organic Chicken Patties

These frozen chicken patties cook up juicy! The moistness makes them actually taste like real, good-quality meat. This is like a chicken patty from the actual menu and not the $1 menu. You’d pay full price for this chicken patty and not feel bad about it. It doesn’t have mayonnaise. Instead, it has aioli. The bun has that fancy dust on it. That kind of sandwich! If you’re looking to make an elevated chicken sandwich at home, this is one of the best frozen chicken patties you can buy.

Credit: Liv Averett / Gelsons




best chicken patty

Best of the Best

John Soules Foods Chicken Patties

These are the best frozen chicken patties we tried because they are the most flavorful chicken patties we tried. They are so peppery and well-seasoned. Despite the fact that this is a patty intended for sandwiches (and would be great prepared that way), it tastes good enough to put it on a plate as a main and surround it with sides. Pair one of these frozen chicken patties with some microwaveable mac and cheese and a salad kit and you’ll have a quick and delicious weeknight dinner.

Credit: Liv Averett / Albertsons




Other frozen chicken patties we tried: Foster Farms, Tyson, Great Value

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  • I disagree with this list seeing how you guys didn’t even bother trying Fast Fixin’ chicken patties and you even said John Soules Foods Chicken Patties were the best tasting.

    why? it’s quite a simple answer, John Soules don’t sell everywhere, so what’s the point of recommending something that isn’t widely available to all your readers?