The 5 Best Tonic Waters for All Your Cocktail Needs

In all honesty, I didn’t really know what tonic water was before this taste test. I’d had it before and I knew that it was used in cocktails, but I didn’t actually know what made it tonic water specifically. Now, I’m much more well-versed. Not only can I pick out different tonic flavor profiles, but I know how to pronounce “quinine” (sounds like kwai-nine).

Cocktail lover and Good Mythical Morning writer, Emily Fleming, joined us in an effort to find out which tonic water she should be mixing with her gin. After trying a whole slew of sparkling tonics, we narrowed it down to this list of the top five.

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fever-tree tonic water

Best of the Best

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Coming into the taste test, Emily already knew this one was her favorite. She was curious to see if a rival beverage would surpass her beloved Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. Surprise! None did. This is easily the best tonic water we tried. According to Fever-Tree, it contains “less quinine…which, with the addition of rosemary and lemon thyme, produces a much lighter, more fragrant tonic.” We’re sold! Mixed into a cocktail or on its own, this is the tonic water to buy.

Credit: Merc / Fever-Tree




fever-tree elderflower tonic water

Best Herbal

Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water

Fever-Tree blends “the essential oils from handpicked English elderflowers with quinine of the highest quality” to make this tonic water. They describe it as “delicious” and “floral” and I completely agree. It has a strong lychee scent and tastes a bit like gummy bears (in a good way). It’s not quite as perfect as the Mediterranean, but it’s very, very good. Plus, the teenie tiny bottle is so precious and was a big hit with Emily.

Credit: Merc / Fever-Tree




canada dry tonic water

Best Classic

Canada Dry Tonic Water

As Emily pointed out, this is an “old standard” for a reason. It’s well known. It’s reliable. It’ll never let you down. There’s no nuance to this tonic, but the super sweet and lemony taste is incredibly refreshing. And you can find it anywhere: the liquor store, Walmart, a gas station. If you’re trying to mix up a cocktail in a hurry with minimal ingredients, Canada Dry is a great option. It might even be…better than their classic ginger ale?!

Credit: Merc / Amazon




schweppes tonic water

Best Classic Runner-Up

Schweppes Tonic Water

When it comes to the classic tonic water brands, Emily prefers Canada Dry to Schweppes. We might disagree on this (I’m Team Schweppes), but we agree that both are good. Canada Dry is more lemony, while Schweppes is more limey. Emily insists that this “tastes more fancy and fresh” than its Canadian competitor. I did notice that it leaves less of a bitter taste in the back of my throat. But, much like Canada Dry, it’s affordable and easily accessible. We love!

Credit: Merc / Walmart




trader joes tonic water

Best Budget

Trader Joe’s Tonic Water

Trader Joe’s Tonic Water is a solid choice for mixing up a good cocktail. If your budget is small but your thirst is large, grab a few bottles of this affordable tonic. It would be perfect for a sweet drink because, like the Fever-Tree Elderflower, it also has a distinct “gummy worm flavor” according to Emily. And to be clear, we love that. A sweet, bubbly compliment to our gin is exactly what we’re looking for!

Credit: Merc




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  • You forgot to mention that the lower priced tonic waters are usually contain high fructose corn syrup.

  • Didn’t add diet to ica to the test they have no carbs, so that’s what I use at home Meijer brand