Best Foods for Easter Brunch You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

Easter may be a Christian holiday, but you know what’s totally non-denominational? Brunch. Even if the sunrise mass and egg hunts are a bridge too far, you can have an indulgent late-morning meal in the name of a giant anthropomorphic, home-invading rabbit. It’s what spring is all about! Anyway, if you’re looking for the best foods for Easter brunch—whether you’re hosting or guesting—we’re here to help. These six brunch hits will make it a meal to remember, even if you can’t remember the entire Lord’s Prayer.

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Great Value Shredded Seasoned Potato Hash Brown Patties

It’s socially and economically frowned upon to get a dozen hash brown patties from McDonald’s the day of your Easter brunch, so get the next best thing with the best frozen hash brown patties from Walmart. Trader Joe’s has their own version that many love, but they’ve been a real pain to find lately. Lucky for me, Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick gave Great Value’s version their seal of approval over TJ’s. They’re crispy, oily, and delicious. Just don’t wipe your hands on your Easter finery!

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Eggo Thick & Fluffy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Waffles

Back in my day our Eggo options were limited to Homestyle or Buttermilk (I was raised on Homestyle, and Buttermilk was a rare treat). If I show up to your home on Easter Sunday and you serve me Eggo’s Thick & Fluffy Cinnamon Brown Sugar, you will blow my feeble used-to-basic-Eggos taste buds! I’m not the only one on the Sporked team who loves them. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart actually said that these are the best waffles she’s ever had. They’re not too sweet and have a sprinkling of brown sugar and cinnamon, so these are great for guests of any age you have at your table.

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Pearl Milling Company Original Syrup

Hosting a meal can be spendy, especially when you’re trying to put your best foot forward for something special like Easter brunch. Luckily for us, the best pancake syrup Jordan found during their pancake syrup taste test wasn’t actually pure maple syrup (we love our friends and family, but, come on, we’re saving the real stuff for our own pancakes). Jordan described Pearl Milling Company Original Syrup as “the syrup. It smelled of breakfast the moment you opened the bottle. The flavor was buttery and sweet and a little salty.” I’m a maple syrup purist, so if you’re at my table I won’t condone putting this on anything besides pancakes or waffles. But what I can’t see won’t hurt me, so let your guests soak their entire plate with Pearl Milling Company’s syrup if they so choose!

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Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits

If I could invite anyone, real or fictional, to be my loved one during the family visit on Survivor, it’d be the Pillsbury Doughboy. Not only is he a hometown hero (hell yeah, Minnesota), I know he could sneak some baked goods in his pudgy folds for me to gobble up on the island. Thankfully for our Easter brunch shopping, we can just go pick up what we need at the store, and these Southern Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits should be in your cart. As Jordan described them best, they’re crusty on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, which makes them melt in your mouth. These biscuits are the perfect vehicle for butter, jam, honey, and leftover syrup on your plate.

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Thomas’ Sourdough English Muffins

Easter Sunday is prime time for eggs benedict and their close cousin, eggs florentine. Start your preparation with a strong foundation, both taste and structure wise, with the right English muffin. I’m willing to bet that you’re reaching for Thomas’ Original English Muffins when you’re shopping, but let me put you on to the sourdough version. They landed in the top spot in Sporked‘s ranking of the best English muffins because they just have more flavor. As Gwynedd put it, “These sourdough English muffins from Thomas’ won’t kick you in the teeth with yeast, but the sourness of the sourdough definitely gives these an edge over a lot of regular English muffins in the flavor department.”

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Noosa Vanilla Bean Yogurt

Yogurt is delicious but a yogurt parfait? That’s fannncccyyyyyyy! Useful in wowing your guests and saving a step during crunch time on Easter Sunday morning, your parfaits can be prepared ahead of time. Start with the best yogurt we found during our vanilla yogurt taste test. Noosa’s Vanilla Bean yogurt is utterly luscious, with a fresh vanilla taste that will compliment layers of berries and oats and chocolate chips. Sometimes the best Easter brunch is a simple Easter brunch.

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