The Best Grocery Store Sides for Easter Dinner

Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’re officially an adult. You could be off on an Easter egg hunt or busy figuring out how to dye an egg, but you’re here wondering what you should add to the dinner table or bring to so-and-so’s Easter party. Psst. Here’s a hint: You don’t have to miss out on the Easter fun! Check out this list of the best side dishes for Easter that you can grab from the grocery store. There’s only a bit of work involved, so you can cook in a jiffy and get back to elbowing kids out of the way at the Easter egg hunt.

Amy’s Gluten-Free Mushroom Bisque Soup

When you’re searching for Easter food ideas on the internet, the last thing you’re probably going to find is mushroom soup. If you’ve always thought that mushroom soup was only good for green bean casserole, we’ve got news: Amy is about to change that. Who is Amy? I don’t know, but she might as well be your mom, because her soup tastes homemade. According to Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo, this soup is “creamy, buttery, herby, and deeply flavorful with umami-rich mushrooms.” It’s hearty, it’s organic, it’s gluten-free, and I can pretty much guarantee that none of your friends are adding this to the table. So now you’re the coolest person at Easter dinner. Except, of course, for the Easter bunny.

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Idahoan Baby Reds Instant Mashed Potatoes

What’s the most essential side for Thanksgiving? Mashed potatoes. Christmas? Mashed potatoes. Any holiday? Mashed potatoes. Everyone loves mashed potatoes. And if you didn’t plan to have them on your table, that would be extremely unfortunate. But let’s be honest here. Boiling potatoes takes forever. Yeah, okay, you can microwave them. But then they taste… bleh. So grab a bag of Idahoan Baby Reds instant mashed potatoes. You don’t even need milk or butter, just some boiling water. But I promise that they still taste buttery and creamy.

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Stove Top Traditional Sage Stuffing Mix

Holidays mean stuffing your face, and stuffing your face always starts with stuffing. You need good stuffing, and since you’re on a time crunch, might I suggest instant stuffing? You might recoil at the thought of that, but food technology has improved over the years, especially at Stove Top. I have no idea how they did it, but they made boxed stuffing that’s so good it might as well be homemade. In her review, Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart said, “It’s fluffy and savory, and even has a bit of sweetness thanks to the addition of dehydrated carrots.” That’s right, it’s got carrots. You don’t have to chop up carrots, celery, or onions. You can just follow the directions on the box and bam! Five minutes later, you have a delicious herby stuffing that’s chock-full of veggies.

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Lemony Arugula Basil Salad Kit

You have to have a salad on your table. It’s non-negotiable, even though I refuse to acknowledge salad as actual food. Take it from a salad-hater, this one is actually good. In fact, I ate it today for lunch. The arugula is slightly bitter and it’s complemented by a basil-based vinaigrette that’s got hints of lemon and pepper. Carrots and almonds add a bit of crunch, and bits of salty parmesan amp up the savory flavor. It’s a delicious little mix that takes only a few seconds to assemble.

Bob Evans Roasted Garlic & Herb Mashed Cauliflower

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that if you have kids at your Easter dinner (or lunch, who am I to judge?), they’re not going to eat the salad. Matter of fact, they’re probably not going to touch anything besides the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Here’s a cool trick you can pull on them: Slap some Bob Evans Roasted Garlic & Herb Mashed Cauliflower on their plate. Easter side dishes can be yummy and full of fiber, a lesson they probably won’t even realize they’re learning as they eat this delicious, creamy mash. It’s super garlicky and slightly salty. And it’s a whole lot of deliciousness for kids (or for yourself if you need to be tricked into eating veggies).

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Amy’s Macaroni and Cheese

Easter isn’t complete without macaroni and cheese. In fact, no day is. Sure, you probably have your favorite brand of mac and cheese lined up, but consider this: Your mac and cheese is going to have to last on the table for some time, in between easter egg hunts, egg races, and who knows what else. So you want the creamiest mac out there, something that not only stays moist but has a delicious flavor. Well, no need to fret. Amy is back, and this time she’s got mac and cheese for you. Amy’s frozen mac and cheese is super rich, so you don’t have to worry about people eating the whole bowl. Each bite packs a huge punch of flavor and sauce, so a little goes a long (and satisfying) way.

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Trader Joe’s Seasoned Corn Ribs

There’s a pretty strong chance that you’re looking for side dishes for Easter because you’ve been invited over to a friend or family member’s house for a holiday meal. If you’re going to a gathering—especially one where you don’t know a lot of people—you need a good conversation starter. So, I’d like to present Trader Joe’s Seasoned Corn Ribs. They’re so unnecessarily extra that they’re bound to start a conversation. And if you’re just making Easter side dishes so you can eat them alone at home, you might as well amuse yourself with these. Admittedly, they’re a little tough to eat, so they’ll keep people busy and talking, and you’re sure to share a good laugh about it, too.

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