The Best Frozen Hash Browns for Breakfast Lovers

The best frozen hash browns are crispy, salty, and potato-y. And I’ll shoot straight with you: There are not many good store-bought frozen hash browns. That being said, there are a few (and one in particular) that are great!

I wish there were more frozen hash browns on the market, but there aren’t that many and they’re almost all exactly the same: potato and some kind of preservative. And while simplicity can be great, where’s the seasoning?! I’m begging the hash brown creators of America to step up their game. If you feel like breakfast isn’t complete without hash browns, grab one of these three because they are definitely the best frozen hash browns at the grocery store.

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Best Shredded

Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes

I don’t really get shredded hash browns in general, but especially not frozen. If you are going to buy these, consider them to be more of an ingredient than a complete product. They are, in my opinion, not to be enjoyed on their own. They need moisture and seasoning and oil. Eat them with a ton of ketchup and some soft scrambled eggs. If you absolutely love shredded hash browns, these are your best option. The potato quality is nice and the bag is big.

Credit: Merc / Walmart




Best Cubed

Great Value Southern Style Hash Browns

These tiny cubes of potatoes are also underwhelming but would make a great base for home fries. If you saute up some white onion and red bell pepper in butter with some salt and pepper and then add these potato cubes, you’ll be in business. They’re close to greatness but definitely need a little help. The bag is super big, super cheap, and easily accessible. I didn’t hate these, but I don’t love them.

Credit: Merc / Walmart




Best of the Best

Great Value Shredded Seasoned Potato Hash Brown Patties

If you’re eating hash browns at home, this is what you should be eating. All other forms of frozen hash browns are inferior. I would try 100 bad hash browns to get to these. They’re so wonderful. I know you’ve had the Trader Joe’s version and these completely outshine them. I will be stocking my fridge with these frozen hash brown patties for the rest of forever. I love you, Great Value Shredded Seasoned Potato Hash Brown Patties! You are the winner of the best frozen hash browns taste test!

Credit: Merc / Walmart




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  • I am going to have to whole heartily disagree with the final determination on this one. I know taste is subjective, so I appreciate your review, but to me the TJ’s hashbrowns are far superior to the Walmart version.

    Trader Joe’s Hashbrown Patties come out of the toaster oven crispy on the outside, soft inside, perfect for placing an egg or avocado on top, or just eating directly out of the pan with a fork. The Walmart ones, while cheaper and in stock more often, are smaller and more dense. The taste is similar but you can tell by the mouthfeel which is better.

    I’ll give them another shot, but in my mind Trader Joe’s takes this one.

    • True to my word, I bought a package of both and blind tested them. Sure enough, Trader Joe’s had the superior texture.

      I’m not saying the Walmart ones are bad, they are quite good. But for me, the ones from Trader Joe’s are the best.

  • My family ran across the Wal-Mart ones a few years ago and multiple attempts to replace them with Aldi, Trader Joe’s, etc. all failed. They just can’t be beat. And when they clearly had supply chain issues, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. But they’re back and they’re fantastic.