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If you’ve ever been to an Asian grocery store—Korean, Japanese, or otherwise—you’re aware that Asian snacks are the secret to true snack happiness. Sure, the aisles of American supermarkets are full of wild creations, like beef jerky that tastes like soda and the 30 different snack cakes that Little Debbie offers. But that’s nothing compared to the beauty found within an Asian market: We’re talking about cucumber flavored Lay’s, sakura yuzu Oreos, chocolate cream-filled Ritz crackers! That’s innovation. That’s an experience. Unfortunately, not every neighborhood has an Asian grocery store. That’s where World Market comes in. This place is a wonderland of international treats (I mean, just look at their selection of European candy), and while you might not find the more obscure Asian snacks you’re looking for, we spotted some bangers at our local store.

Kit Kat Mini Orange Wafer Bars

World Market does have a 50-piece Japanese Kit Kat sampler that I was cautiously excited to recommend (it’s $50, so it is a bit pricey), but I looked into it and out of the 13 possible flavors, you only get six in each box. Rude! I’ll take the safe bet and try these orange flavored Kit Kats that I know will slap instead.

Orion Choco Churro Turtle Chips

These things are ADDICTING. The layers? A texture-lover’s dream come true. They’re light and crispy-crunchy, kind of like Bugles but better. I had a bag of these once and they were so good that my brain went into autopilot mode, and I ate the entire thing in one sitting. Yes, I got sick, but keep your brain switched on and you should be fine. We also recommend the sweet corn flavor Turtle chips if you happen to spot them among the Asian snacks at World Market.

Royal Family Bubble Milk Tea Cakes

Tapioca pearls in a cookie? American snacks brands wish they had this sort of ingenuity. This looks like a great choice for anyone searching the aisles of World Market in need of a unique snack to switch up your sweet little treat at the end of the night or someone who’s always dreamt of having bubble tea on the go. They’re dual purpose! Asian snacks are out here solving problems you didn’t even know you had.

Finna Pars Chili & Lime Shrimp Crackers

Fans of the Fast and Furious franchise can agree on one thing: We all want to be Han. He’s cool headed, a sick driver, and an Asian snack lover. Chips, specifically. He just minds his own business, eats his little chips, and drifts across the globe. World Market can help us live our dream of being Han, one bag of chips at a time. I think he’d approve of these chili lime shrimp crackers. Be like Han and buy some chili lime shrimp crackers at World Market.

Hello Kitty Matcha Marshmallows

When I was looking for Asian snacks at World Market, these obviously caught my eye. Matcha? Check. Cute brand endorsement? Check. A product that sounds interesting but you don’t quite know how or when to consume? Check. Matcha jelly awaits your discovery inside each of these marshmallows, so I imagine these would taste great on their own. I’m also dreaming of these floating in a mug of hot chocolate, like little sea mines waiting to unleash the sweet, earthy flavor of matcha. World Market and Japanese snack-makers do it again.

Puchao Cola and Ramune Soda Gummy Candy

Fruit chews are an essential Asian snack. There are loads of flavors to choose from, but anyone exploring the territory has to buy a pack of cola and ramune soda gummies. It’s a rite of passage! Broadly, ramune is the name a popular Japanese soda, but these ramune gummy candies are citrus flavored. They’re akin to Sprite. So, yes, it’s just a pack of cola and lemon-lime soda gummies, but I’ve never seen them paired like this before. The best of both soda worlds!

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