The Only Tortilla for Josh Scherer’s Homemade Burritos

The Mythical Kitchen crew has opinions when it comes to food. Whenever we’re cooking up 15 different frozen pizzas or eating jars of mayo by the spoonful, they are ready to tell us what their favorite product is—even if we don’t ask. They’ll just scream it at us from across the kitchen. But we figured, they should be telling you. So, that’s what this series is. Every week, a different Mythical Kitchen crew member will share one of their top picks for foods or drinks to buy, starting with Josh Scherer, a man of many, many, many opinions. Here, the head Mythical Chef shares his go-to giant tortilla:

Josh’s Pick: Guerrero Riquisimas Burrito Grande Tortillas

Josh’s Pick Guerrero Riquisimas Burrito Grande Tortillas
Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart

I once went 31 consecutive days eating homemade burritos. Why? Just because I like burritos! It wasn’t for content, or a bet, or anything like that. I just went five straight days accidentally eating burritos and figured I should do the whole month. It was far and away the best month of my life. That month would have been significantly worse if not for Guerrero Riquisimas Burrito Grande tortillas. Burritos have always been my favorite food, but, growing up, I could never capture the restaurant magic at home, mostly because every store-bought flour tortilla was too small and too thick. GRBGTs are as large, light, and flexible as those foil-looking blanket things that they wrap hyperthermia victims and marathon runners in (is this a reference that people know???). Once you griddle that floppy twelve-incher in a pan, it can envelop a food coma’s worth of carne asada and guacamole. And, importantly, it registers a whopping 10/10 on the Burrito Diaphanousness Scale, whereby the fillings are perfectly visible from the outside. If you want to step up your home burrito game, and ultimately improve your life, you need to hop on the Guerrero Riquisimas Burrito Grande train. 

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