Best Canned Apple Pie Filling if Peeling Seems Like a Pain

The best canned apple pie filling tastes homemade. It should be filled with crisp apples suspended in a sweet (but not too sweet) sauce. There should be a mild cinnamon flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the apple-y nature of the premade apple pie filling.

Canned apple pie filling is one of those incredible, affordable products that makes cooking up a homemade dessert so much quicker and easier. I know it’s called apple “pie” filling, but you can use this stuff to make crumbles, cobblers, tartes tatin, and more. Alternatively, you could eat this on its own. When you find really good premade apple pie filling, all you need is a fork!

We found three brands making the best canned apple pie filling you can buy. Obviously, these are great for the hectic holiday season, but, honestly, you should have a few cans of apple pie filling in your pantry all year long. (And, don’t worry, we ranked the best premade pie crusts, too.)

premade apple pie filling

Best Sweet

Favorite Day Apple Pie Filling

Target’s Favorite Day brand makes a nice version of canned apple pie filling. It has soft apples and it’s heavily spiced. If you want an apple pie that really tastes like the holidays, this is the best premade apple pie filling for you. It’s for the pumpkin-spice-loving, cinnamon-obsessed fall girlies. If you’re really looking to party, microwave some of this and then serve it over vanilla ice cream. That’s a real holiday party.

Credit: Merc / Target




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Best Budget

Great Value Apple Pie Filling

Great Value makes a lot of wonderful products and this canned apple pie filling is one of them. It tastes fresh and very sweet. There’s also a great apple flavor that tastes a little like apple juice. I would happily dump a can of this stuff into a premade pie crust. And since it’s Walmart’s Great Value brand, it is literally a great value. Buy this if you’re doing the holidays on a budget. But even if you have all the cash in the world, you should still buy this because it’s one of the best premade apple pie fillings you can buy.

Credit: Merc / Walmart




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Best of the Best

Baker’s Corner More Fruit Apple Pie Filling

This canned apple pie filling from Aldi tastes like you made it with apples picked from a tree in your backyard. I cannot believe something in a can is this crisp. It’s easily the best canned apple pie filling we tried in our taste test. The sauce is thick and lightly spiced. You also get a little tartness like they use green apples. I’d never considered buying premade apple pie filling before this taste test and now I will be buying this regularly.

Credit: Merc / Aldi




Other Products We Tried: Duncan Hines More Fruit, Great Value, Great Value No Sugar Added, Duncan Hines Country Apple, Duncan Hines Caramel Apple, Duncan Hines Simply, Kroger

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