The Only Chocolate Hummus I’d Ever Eat

The best chocolate hummus is creamy, thick, and chocolatey. It should taste like a dessert spread and not hummus that someone accidentally dropped a candy bar into on a hot summer’s day.

Sadly, most chocolate hummus at the grocery store is very, very bad. It’s grainy and bitter and leaves a strange aftertaste in your mouth. Trader Joe’s used to have a chocolate hummus I liked, but it was discontinued (as many good things at TJ’s are).

When done right, it’s a good dip for pretzels and fruit. I like to spread a thin layer on toast and top it with sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey. (Still, I prefer to enjoy my hummus flavored with garlic and lemon. If I want a dessert dip, I reach for something nut-based, like Nutella or chocolate Bitchin’ Sauce.)

If you are looking to get into the world of dessert hummus, though, there’s only one I can recommend to you now that the aforementioned Trader Joe’s chocolate hummus is gone (but if that comes back, you’ll see it on this list). Scroll to find out the best chocolate hummus and the only chocolate hummus I think you should buy.

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best chocolate hummus

Best of the Best

Boar’s Head Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus

Boar’s Head Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus is the chocolate hummus to buy. It’s the only chocolate hummus that didn’t make me say, “Ew what?” The texture is creamy, the chocolate flavor is rich, and it looks more like icing than hummus, which helps with the cognitive dissonance created by sweet hummus. The ingredient list is minimal and they use all non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. According to the package, this chocolate hummus is made with “creamy steamed chickpeas, rich cocoa, organic sugar, and vanilla.”  Boar’s Head claims that, “when you want the best, [Boar’s Head] is the name you can trust.” I can’t argue with that. They definitely make the best chocolate hummus on the market.

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  • Hello,my name is Rob.i was searching hummus and came across your was very educational.thank wife bought hannafords brand,taste of inspirations dark chocolate hummus and it was was just purchased yesterday and opened says best by april 22,2023.not sure what happened.but its going back tom.but anyways what should we look for when purchasing hummus so it dont happen again.maybe its the storage.not sure.thank you….Rob.