The Best Corn Flakes Cereal (There’s More Than Kellogg’s)

Even if you eat corn flakes for breakfast every day, you probably think that pretty much all corn flakes taste the same, whether you buy generic or spring for Kellogg’s. But I’m here to tell you that’s not true! The best corn flakes are addictively crispy and they actually taste like toasted corn instead of crunchy air. For this taste test, I tried nine brands of corn flakes—including Trader Joe’s corn flakes and Aldi corn flakes—to find the best brand of corn flakes at the grocery store. If they didn’t taste like anything, they didn’t make the list. Only three brands made the cut! Whether you’re dousing them with milk (cow or a dairy-free alternative) or using them to bread some chicken tenders, these are the best corn flakes you can buy.

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Best Kellogg’s Dupe

Signature Select Corn Flakes

If you shop at an Albertsons-owned grocery store, you should be saving a few bucks by buying Signature Select corn flakes instead of Kellogg’s. In my opinion, these came the closest to being a dupe for Kellogg’s. The flakes are a little larger, but they have the same toasty flavor and subtle hint of sweetness. These aren’t the best corn flakes from a grocery store brand, but they’re close.




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Best Crispy

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

Corn flakes have two jobs: They should taste like something (I can’t stress enough how many corn flakes taste like nothing) and they should be nice and crunchy. If you value texture above flavor, Kellogg’s is the best brand of corn flakes for you. They’re small and light and crispy—eating them is just so pleasant! And don’t get me wrong—they taste good, too. A little toasty and very subtly sweet (even though they’re not frosted, sugar is the second ingredient listed after corn). These things may have been invented to keep people from masturbating or having sex, but they’re a pleasure to eat.




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Best of the Best

Kroger Corn Flakes

Once in a while, a generic product outdoes its name-brand inspiration, and that’s what Kroger Corn Flakes achieve. For corn flakes, these are absolutely bursting with flavor. They don’t have Kellogg’s subtle sweetness, but their toasty corn flavor is really amped up. These would make a very delicious breakfast with milk and sliced bananas, but I think their savory nature also makes them the best corn flakes for coating chicken or adding texture to a meatloaf. If you shop at a Kroger-owned grocery store, buy these!




Other products we tried: Great Value Corn Flakes, Barbara’s Corn Flakes, Nature’s Path Fruit Juice Corn Flakes, Trader Joe’s Corn Flakes, 365 Organic Corn Flakes, Millville Corn Flakes

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