Best Cream of Mushroom Soup: The 6 Best Cans for Casseroles and Your Bowl

The best cream of mushroom soup is creamy, seasoned, and chock-full of mushrooms. Truly, it only needs those three things to succeed. So which cream of mushroom soup nailed our criteria? Read on to find out.

I’m a big mushroom guy. I like to forage them. I like to eat them. I like to take photos of them and post them on Instagram so people know I’m living a rich, deep, and full life. And, like many of you, I grew up on Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. Its rich, creaminess was a staple in my youth; it was the type of thing I knew I could whip up easily when my parents were gone at work. A can of condensed mushroom soup and creamy 2% milk? Impossible for a braindead 13-year-old to screw up.

The market for cream of mushroom soup has, predictably, evolved since I was a kid. Some of the cans now available are deeply herby and aromatic, while others feature meaty and earthy mushrooms like portobello, cremini, or shiitake. But the bottom line is this: We want our cream of mushroom soup to be decadent, meaty, and seasoned just right. Here’s which canned cream of mushroom soup came correct with umami.

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best cream of mushroom soup

Best of the Best

Amy’s Gluten Free Mushroom Bisque Soup

Amy’s soup is very dark and absolutely stacked with mushrooms, which is a revelation considering how many mushroom soups are lacking in actual mushrooms. This simply feels like homemade soup, and I’m super into it. It’s made with all organic ingredients—porcini mushrooms, leeks, celery, butter, salt, and arborio rice. Also, there isn’t too much rice in the mix, which I appreciate. Amy’s doesn’t use rice as filler, which is an easy shortcut to trick people into thinking they’re eating heartily. Amy’s cream of mushroom is creamy, buttery, herby, and deeply flavorful with umami rich mushrooms. That’s why it’s the best cream of mushroom soup. I also believe this is the first time Amy’s product has ranked number one. About time.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Walmart




best cream of mushroom soup aldi

Best Creamy

Chef’s Cupboard Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup

This condensed mushroom soup is so thick out of the can it’s like glue. An Aldi’s product, Chef’s Cupboard is thick, gloppy, and has a lot of fat. It asks you to slowly stir milk into this already gelatinous mixture, making this soup the creamiest on the list for sure. It’s just fatty and decadent. Chef’s Cupboard would also be really good to cook with, and a fantastic way to thicken casseroles with wonderful flavor. Personally, I would say this is the best canned mushroom soup for an elevated green bean casserole—yes, over Campbell’s. It’s just so thick, creamy, and tasty!

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




best campbell's cream of mushroom soup

Best to Use as Gravy

Campbell’s Cream of Cremini and Shiitake

The mushrooms in this can are of such great quality. They don’t feel rubbery and bland; they’re meaty, flavorful, and substantial. This soup truly feels like a gravy. It’s the best canned mushroom soup to eat over toast, mashed potatoes, or, you know what else? A chicken fried steak. It’s so chunky, meaty, and seasoned that it could work with a slew of other foods. The shiitakes give this soup a wonderful added bit of smokiness, and the porcinis are earthy, rich, and nutty. This isn’t like eating a bunch of milquetoast white button mushrooms. Indulge and get creative with Campbell’s Cream of Cremini and Shiitake. 

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




best mushroom flavor cream of mushroom soup

Best Mushroom Flavor

Whole Foods Organic Cream of Mushroom Soup

This is a very gelatinous soup with an earthy, almost truffle-like flavor. It’s very aromatic and probably my favorite mushroom flavor of the soups on this list. There’s also a subtle garlic and onion flavor that’s quite nice. Mainly, though, this soup nails a quality mushroom flavor and is creamy, seasoned, and delicious. Organic ingredients did very well on this list of the best canned cream of mushroom soups, and Whole Foods is spot on. 

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon




best garlic flavor cream of mushroom soup

Best Garlic Flavor

Kroger Condensed Mushroom Soup

Normally gray isn’t a color I want to associate with food, but here it represents that the mushroom flavor permeates throughout the soup’s broth. Kroger’s condensed mushroom soup is blended, and therefore has a ubiquitous mushroom taste. Kroger doesn’t openly say “Garlic Mushroom Soup,” but this does indeed have a bold garlic flavor. It’s salty and creamy, which is great, but it does lack hearty chunks of mushrooms, which is a bummer. The garlic flavor is nice but it’s dried, so that also holds it back slightly. For those reasons it didn’t take down the best canned cream of mushroom soup on our list.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




best classic cream of mushroom soup

Best Classic

Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup

Can’t have a list about the best canned cream of mushroom soup without talking about the original, Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup. This still holds up. It’s deliciously salty and has a distinct meaty quality (thanks, MSG!). Truly, there are only three flavors: salt, mushroom, and cream. Those three flavors work in wonderful conjunction, however, and as a result this mushroom soup sings. I would gladly eat this if I was sick and, if you’re a classic, old school green bean casserole person (I’m not, I think it’s a crime against humanity), this is the best cream of mushroom soup for the job. Keep it loaded in your cupboard like ammunition; it lasts for like five years and you’ll never know when you need it.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




Other products we tried: Pacific Foods Organic, Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom with Roasted Garlic, Signature Select, Great Value Condensed, Imagine Portobello Mushroom, Health Valley, Mom’s Place Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

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