The Best Dipping Sauces for Sweet Potato Fries

French fries are amazing in many ways: They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, an easy solution to any salt craving, and perfect for dipping. Now imagine the the french fry’s cooler older brother and you have yourself a sweet potato fry. With an added layer of sweetness to expand their flavor profile, sweet potato fries have even more complementary flavors and fun options for dunking. We found six of the best dipping sauces to help your mouth find greener flavor pastures.

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Marie’s Creamy Ranch Dressing + Dip

As a Midwesterner, I firmly believe there’s no limit to ranch dressing’s potential. Put it on a salad, slather it on pizza, or use it as a dip for fries. Honestly, including ranch on this list was a no-brainer because it goes with everything, sweet potato fries included. And topping Sporked‘s list of the best ranch dressings? Marie’s Creamy Ranch, which is thick enough to cling to fries without a glob landing in your lap but creamy enough to help your fries melt in your mouth. Skip any additional seasoning on your sweet potato fries so this ranch can fully shine!

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Hidden Valley Southwest Chipotle Ranch

If regular ranch is too basic, step up the spice with Hidden Valley Southwest Chipotle Ranch. Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick suggested this be renamed “taco ranch,” because it tastes a lot like regular ranch mixed with taco seasoning, with just a hint of that chipotle smokiness. A lot of restaurants serve their sweet potato fries with a smoky dipping sauce. Look! You’re basically a restaurant chef now!

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Tabitha Brown for Target Vegan Lemon Dill Garlic Spread

After tasting the Tabitha Brown for Target Vegan Lemon Dill Garlic Spread, Jordan was looking for more ways to incorporate it into their cooking. Might I suggest using it as a dipping sauce for sweet potato fries? This vegan spread is herbaceous and a little tart, like a good aioli (minus the egg yolks). The only thing this sauce doesn’t have in its symphony of flavors is sweetness, so the fries really complete the picture.

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Kewpie Mayonnaise

Sure, you could use any ol’ mayo as a dipping sauce for sweet potato fries and, you know what? It’s going to be great. Creamy, salty mayo on a deep-fried spear of sweet potato? You truly can’t go wrong. But if you really want to wow, you should pick up a bottle of Kewpie. As Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo wrote in his ranking of the best mayos, “While the most prominent flavor here is egg, there’s also a lot of additional savoriness, probably from the added MSG. As far as I know, it’s the only mayonnaise to add MSG.” MSG has gotten a bad reputation, but we are big defenders here at Sporked. The umami savoriness of MSG works perfectly with the sweetness of sweet potato fries.

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Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup

I won’t lie to you, Heinz reigns supreme in my heart and taste buds (and Sporked‘s ketchup ranking), but there’s a better ketchup to complement sweet potato fries. Flavored with roasted garlic, chilies, and ginger, Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup is the ketchup to help maximize the flavor of fried sweet potatoes. Jordan hit the nail on the head when they praised this ketchup for adding a spiced, aromatic punch to your bites.

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  • I know they’re not “brands”, but brown sugar butter, and/or maple syrup, are great dips, too, if you want some more sweet with your salty.