The Best Drinks to Buy at Aldi

A trip to Aldi can be all about finding new, weird, and delicious things. Goat cheese that tastes like eggnog? Sure! Potato chips that taste like fried pickles dipped in ranch? Count us in! But when it comes to the best drinks to buy at Aldi, I’m personally looking for things I know I’ll drink every day. Sorry, silly drinks, but you belong at a store where people go to drop big coin on novelties. Part of the reason we shop at Aldi is to save money on everyday products, so here are six of the best drinks to buy at Aldi that sure to sip on throughout the week.

PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water

I’m a big proponent of having plenty of flavored sparkling water in the fridge. It give guests a beverage option apart from the tepid water in your Brita pitcher and it makes a great mixer when you need a quick cocktail (don’t we all?). Aldi has 12-packs of their own brand of sparkling water available for less than $4, and it comes in a bunch of flavors—lemon, lime, strawberry, and grapefruit—so this is a no-brainer of a bev to pick up at Aldi.

Jarritos Fiesta Pack

There are few drinks that hit better on a warm, summer day than an ice cold bottle of Jarritos. Stock up for summer with their Fiesta Pack, which includes some of our favorite flavors, including lime, pineapple, mandarin (and fruit punch that didn’t make the list but I’m sure will still be good!). For just about a dollar a bottle, you can also save a few bucks when you BYO Jarritos to the taco stand down the street.

Barissimo Mocha Iced Coffee

Do I expect pre-brewed Aldi coffee to knock my socks off? Not really. But can I get eight cups of coffee for $3.75 at Aldi? That’s a hell yes. We can’t vouch for this iced mocha in a carton, but it’s worth trying if it means you can save a chunk of change by skipping the coffee shop in the morning, right?

Tejava Unsweetened Original Black Tea

While I was scanning the shelves of Aldi, I stumbled upon Sporked’s favorite unsweetened iced tea: Tejava. Now, it’s not my cup of tea (low hanging fruit), but the bitter, earthy flavor of Tejava’s unsweetened original black tea can be tamed with a citrusy, tart, and sugary lemonade, so it will make for the perfect base for an Arnold Palmer. Naturally, there are a few varieties of lemonade you can pick up there, too.

Welch’s 100% Juice Variety Pack

Yes, plastic waste is a scourge, but if you have kids or regularly pack your own lunch, these little bottles of Welch’s juice are sure to come in handy. From what I know about kids (not much), they love juice. If you don’t want to fill a reusable water bottles with stuff that’s going to get all sticky when it sits in Billy’s lunchbox all weekend, this is the move.

Summit Cherry Cola

I’ve never met a cherry soda I didn’t like, and I don’t see why Aldi’s store brand of craft soda would buck that trend. There’s something idyllic about twisting off a bottle cap from a glass bottle that makes soda taste ten times better and Aldi didn’t pull any punches with their version. You’re gonna want a four pack of these puppies in the fridge when you’re chilling on the porch this summer, enjoying the cool breeze, and chowing down on a freshly grilled burger.

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