The 5 Best Food-Themed Costumes for Halloween

Don’t just settle for the average few handfuls of Halloween candy this year. Aim for an entire pillowcase full. How? By stepping up your costume game.

As a Halloween baby and a foodie, I love a food costume. And while I enjoy a simple hot dog suit as much as the next guy, why not go above and beyond? We’ll even help. We took the year’s biggest and most viral food stories and turned them into costumes. C’mon, who doesn’t want to party alongside Pink Sauce?

Pink Sauce

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon / iStock / The Pink Sauce

 This costume is sure to be a conversation starter. This rosy-hued sauce and its creator Chef Pii generated a barrage of media attention, after the sauce went viral on TikTok. For every person who was concerned about food safety regarding the sauce’s shipping and handling, there seemed to be two more people desperate to try it. The Pink Sauce gained so much traction that Dave’s Gourmet has partnered with Chef Pii to begin production of a commercially available shelf-stable version this fall. 

With the reboot coming soon and the media attention that’s likely to follow, anyone wearing a Pink Sauce costume this Halloween will be dripping in compliments for their creativity. To create this look, use a yellow beanie to represent the vibrant yellow cap and a pink bodycon tube dress or zentai suit to recreate the bottle. Then use felt or large vinyl stickers to create the “Pink Sauce” label on the front and, if you’re feeling ambitious, nutrition information on the back claiming you contain 444 servings

Dead Choco Taco

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon / Forever21 / Old Navy

This beloved dessert had been keeping it cool since 1983 before Klondike discontinued it earlier this year, to much public outcry. After everyone flipped out, the company hinted that the frozen treat might return, but for the time being, the Choco Taco is dead as a doornail—all the better for Halloween costume purposes. To create a decrepit-looking Choco Taco that is sure to have heads and stomachs turning, start by using a novelty waffle blanket to simulate the outside of the taco (we want it to look dingy so I recommend cutting up the sides a little bit). Under that, wear a brown dress or sweats and use some of the cut up bits from the blanket as “crushed peanuts” to stick on the front. From there, I would get some fun rotting-corpse makeup going (dark circles, green ooze, all the fun stuff) and, bam, you’re a dead Choco Taco.

Green M&M (Sexy)

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Bigamart / Walmart / Party City

To the M&M’s marketing department of Mars Inc., I applaud you for making people the world over believe that an anthropomorphized candy with legs could be sexy. In fact, some thought it was too sexy. The Green M&M underwent a rebrand in early 2022, ditching her high-heeled go-go boots for white low-top sneakers in order to “become more inclusive.” Hear me out: Let’s consider a possible second rebrand for the Green M&M that is a different kind of sexy. We start out with a green muscle shirt, almost like the Incredible Hulk, to give the impression that the Green M&M is absolutely jacked. We can tuck this muscle shirt into some green leggings and tuck those green leggings into, you guessed it, some white go-go boots—for added sexiness. We can also add her signature wrist-length white gloves. Use white felt to create the trademark lowercase “m” onto the chest. It doesn’t have to be a perfect cut-out though, as I’m sure everyone’s eyes will be on your washboard abs.


Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon / The Hat Depot / Beloved Everything

By now, we are all familiar with Tariq,  aka the “Corn Kid,” an adorable little boy whose wholesome love of corn brought joy to all of our hearts. Since both his interview and the absolute banger of a song that followed went viral, the internet has been flooded with corn-related content (mostly recipes, corn-inspired art, and, of course, lip-syncs to the original song). What better way to honor South Dakota’s new little Corn-bassador than by dressing up as a “big lump with knobs” this Halloween? For this costume, I would start with a corn cob swimsuit (obviously so that I would have an excuse to wear a corn cob swimsuit in the future), then pair it with a green bucket hat and some green shoes. I would more than likely also carry around a yellow hand towel to represent butter, which will make everything change.

Trader Joe’s Cacio e Pepe Pasta Sauce 

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon / iStock

In early January of 2022, a Tiktok posted by slothgirl__ about Trader Joe’s Cacio e Pepe pasta sauce went so viral that even celebrities were dueting it and reacting to it. The cheesy and peppery product does look delicious, and we can definitely see ourselves eating this well into 2023.For the perfect Cacio e Pepe costume, start with a yellow unitard or bodysuit and wrap some chunky yellow T-shirt yarn around it to signify noodles. From there, add a white hat and white circle scarf to represent the Cacio e Pepe sauce. Seriously, everyone must try this.

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