The Most Anticipated Halloween Candy, According to You

Everyone, even the most indecisive among us, has a favorite Halloween candy. When you got home from trick-or-treating with your friends or siblings and dumped all your candy out on the floor for the Great Annual Late October Confectionary Exchange™, you knew exactly what you wanted to trade for and you knew what you were willing to give up to get it. And while we know what we like, we wanted to hear what Halloween candies you like, so we took to X (the website formerly known as Twitter) to ask you, “What Halloween candy are you most psyched to see on shelves again this fall?” and let me just say, y’all have good taste. So, let’s dive into this spooky list and see witch candy you can’t wait to have in your cauldron this year.

Reese’s Pumpkins

“The Reese’s pumpkins!” —@Nicole1991R

These are the best. They have an even better PB to Chocolate ratio than normal Reese’s!

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The Fall Classic

“Caramel Apple pops” —@OptimisticLoaf

I LOVE these. I swear these were currency at my middle school around this time of year.
The Guilty Pleasure

“I’m just gonna say it and take the ridicule… candy corn.” —@pajesh

No ridicule from this publication – we love candy corn too! And even if we didn’t, who are we to yuck your yum?

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Hundo Grand

“100 grand” —@gpsinwonderland

Okay, not a Halloween candy, per se, but it is an underrated candy bar. Solid choice, @gpsinwonderland.

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Popcorn M&M’s

“Idk, cause I love new stuff. Give me some crazy cool stuff. That being said, popcorn m&m’s.” —@elienbyenvy

I had literally never even heard of Popcorn M&M’s before today. Turns out that are milk chocolate M&M’s with a crispy rice center. Who knew?! I guess @elienbyenvy did.

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Give Me a Break


Kit Kat is one of the few candy brands with the ability to make multiple flavors that are on the same level as or even better than the original, and we love them for it.

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The Salty Snack?

“Not a Candy but every year in September they bring back Flamin hot Bones! They’re our favorite here” —@NBVitriolic

Learned another new thing today! Apparently, Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Bag of Bones exists and I WILL be trying it this year.

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“Smarties” —Smarties

“Smarties 👈” —@Smarties

Smarties had to come in here and tell us their favorite candy is Smarties. Who could have called that one?!? Not gonna lie though, I’ll never say no to a little roll of Smarties.

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