If Zodiac Signs Were Halloween Candy

Scorpio season is nearly upon us, friends, and as a Halloween baby, I got to wondering…if we all transformed into candy this Halloween, what candy would we become, based on our zodiac signs?

Press on to discover which Halloween candies fit the personalities of each zodiac sign. These matchups may spook you.

Aquarius: York Peppermint Patty

The mintiness makes a York Peppermint Patty a very grown-up candy, but the chocolate makes it fun. As an Aquarius, much like a Peppermint Patty, you take yourself seriously but still know how to let loose a little. After a bit of rich, chocolatey fun, you always make sure your breath is minty fresh to cover your tracks (because nobody will ever catch an Aquarius slipping).

Pisces: Skittles

Skittles are a sharing candy, and Pisces are a sharing people. As a Pisces, you are very emotionally in tune with other people, so they often share their feelings with you. And you often share your time and energy with those who are feeling a little down in order to brighten up their day. Aside from being emotionally adept and generous, Pisces, you are also very gracious. Which is exactly how someone might feel when they are offered some Skittles.

Aries: Hot Tamales

The flavor of Hot Tamales candy is described on the box as “fierce cinnamon.” This also applies to your assertive, fiery nature, Aries. Your tendency to get fired up when anyone dares to challenge you is represented by the aggressive cinnamon spice in this candy. Like a Hot Tamale, you’re spontaneous and passionate, filled with energy, and ready to pop off at a moment’s notice. Never a dull moment with an Aries!

Taurus: Gummy Worms

Somehow, some way, when you’re sorting through your stack of Halloween candy looking for a gummy worm, you always find one. Thought you ate all the gummy worms? Think again, there’s always one left. This reliable candy will stick around even after Halloween is over. Like the friend that stays until the party’s over, the gummy worm is dependable and down-for-whatever, just like you, Taurus. That’s the type of energy people need more than ever on Halloween.

Gemini: Sour Patch Kids

We know the saying, “First They’re Sour, Then They’re Sweet” from the iconic Sour Patch Kids commercials. Now, I know Geminis get a bad rap for being “two-faced,” but really, what’s wrong with encompassing a dichotomy of two different traits? Like being both sour and sweet, or being a homebody who’s also extroverted, or being indecisive yet impulsive. We need to give Sour Patch Kids and Geminis a break this Halloween; they’ve got enough on their plates, what with the constant internal battle.

Cancer: Lemonheads

I don’t see Lemonheads that often anymore, unfortunately, but every time I do, I am filled with excitement. And if you’re a Cancer, that’s how people feel when they see you. You may not be out and about all the time, but you are a delight when you do decide to grace the world with your presence. Thank you for that.

Leo: Reese’s Big Cup with Pieces 

I have said it before and I will say it once more for the people in the back: Leos don’t do anything small. It’s big energy, luxurious vibes 24/7. You thought a Reese’s Cup was decadent? Well, what about a Reese’s Cup filled with Reese’s Pieces?! It’s extra on extra, just like a Leo. To anyone who thought this was a game, the Leos kindly ask for you to sit down. Maybe next year you can get on their level. 

Virgo: Twizzlers

A Twizzler is an all-terrain kind of candy. Between Twizzler Bites, Pull ‘N’ Peel, Twizzlers Filled Twists, and regular Twizzlers becoming a straw at any given moment, Twizzlers are the Transformers of the candy world. And one thing Twizzlers and Virgos have in common is their adaptability. As a Virgo, you’re industrious and willing to bend yourself to get what you want out of life, just like a Twizzler.

Libra: M&M’s 

M&M’s bring balance to the candy world. They’re a practical and logical candy—so there’s no doubt that you, practical and logical Libra, would be an M&M. M&M’s are also comforting and dependable. They’re the candy that you turn to before considering what other candies you should try next. They’re the emotional support Halloween candy, just like Libras tend to be the emotional support person to their friends.

Scorpio: Twix

Scorpios are multi-faceted individuals. We have layers—not like Shrek, and not like an onion, but like a Twix. There is the classy chocolatey surface-level exterior that you show to the world, the confident and charming slab of caramel just behind that for those who want to dig a little deeper, and the strong, no nonsense cookie layer hidden underneath that’s just for you, holding it all together. Halloween itself is a scorpio, of course. So make like a Scorpio this Halloween and keep it classy, i.e. don’t overshare about your Shrek costume. 

Sagittarius: Jolly Rancher

You cannot convince me that there is anyone out there who doesn’t secretly love Jolly Ranchers. I’m ready to admit that I will eat a Jolly Rancher even if it’s old and melted. In sickness and in health, forever I am yours, Jolly Rancher. Just like the Jolly Rancher tends to be the highlight of the candy batch, as a Sagittarius, you are the highlight of many people’s lives. Steady and upbeat, you’re carrying your friend group just as Jolly Ranchers often carry the bag of candy.

Capricorn: Butterfinger

Butterfingers, like Capricorns, are confident and persistent. They know they’ve got a good thing going and are determined to make a name for themselves. Butterfingers don’t need gimmicks or flashy tactics to get ahead, just good ol’ hard work and consistency. And if you’re a Capricorn, that’s what you’re all about. Rise and grind is the life of a Capricorn, and also the life of a Butterfinger.

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Naajia Shukri

Naajia Shukri is the legit biggest fan of candy corn. She is interested in all things food, art, and beauty. After living in Korea for the past two years, she has gotten back to her L.A. roots, frequenting thrift stores and art museums.

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  • Aries are not hot tamales. They are easily one of the worst candys ever made. And i don’t know a single aries that likes them