The Best Food Merch to Wear to New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week, one of the biggest events in the world of fashion, is upon us. Be ready to have your Instagram feed filled with street-style pictures of intentionally effortless models and musicians. I’ve never been invited to NYFW (rude), but if they invited Sporked to review the runways, I would sport some of the best food brand fashion merch out there. Get ready, InStyle, this is the best food merch to wear to New York Fashion Week.

Oreo Cookie Embossed Faux Leather Tote

Imagine how chic this outfit would look with the Oreo Cookie Embossed Faux Leather Tote. This bag has a subtle aesthetic and the circular shape adds visual interest. The delicately embossed Oreo print will make people go, “Who are you wearing?” before realizing you’re repping their favorite cookie at NYFW. Plus, Vogue says big bags are in this year.

Coca-Cola X KidSuper Unisex Checkerboard Rugby Shirt

I am in love with this shirt. I love it so much I might buy it for myself for my birthday (March 24; mark your calendars). It’s giving me Princess Diana vibes. It would look so cool paired with a slouchy pant, sneakers, and an interesting pair of sunglasses. I can just see the street-style photos of it now!

Fishwife Beach Mermaid Hat

According to Refinery29, cobalt blue is one of the colors of 2023. We recommend buying this Fishwife cobalt blue baseball cap to wear toward the end of New York Fashion Week, when you have run out of steam but still have to run around town. Cover up the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in four days with a casual yet stylish look. You’ll also get tons of people stopping you to talk about how much they, too, love fancy fish from a can. You know what they say: “Hot girls eat tinned fish.”

Fly By Jing Xtra Spicy Tank

The continuing popularity of low-rise jeans, light pink, and heart motifs tells us that Y2K fashion isn’t going anywhere yet. Additionally, “sparkle for day” will be everywhere this year. This cropped tank top from Fly By Jing combines both trends for a fun, easy-to-wear look for NYFW. Doesn’t this feel like something Bella Hadid would wear?

Duke’s Mayo Crew Sock

We’re already seeing cute, fun socks paired with funky shoes in 2023, so I’d rock this pair from Duke’s Mayo at New York Fashion Week. I think they would go perfectly with a cute black-and-yellow fit like this outrageously stylish cold-weather look.

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