Best Frozen Desserts You Can Hold in Your Hand

I’m convinced that keeping your freezer stocked with desserts is the key to happiness. Every one of life’s problems can be solved with a cool, creamy snacky-snack from your very own kitchen. Whether you’re having a tough day at work, you need a little sweet after a savory dinner, or you just want something to help you cool off when it’s hot outside, there is no bad time to crack open the freezer door and grab a treat—especially one you don’t need a spoon to eat. Don’t add another bowl to the growing heap of dirty dishes that’s already ruining your day. Grab one of these Sporked-approved handheld frozen desserts and, voila, you’re happier.

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Mikawaya Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi ice cream is the ultimate grabbable dessert. If you’re not familiar, it’s ice cream wrapped in a sweet, glutinous rice dough. Delicious and a perfect pop of sweetness when the ol’ serotonin is low. Of all the mochi ice cream the Sporked team tried, the top spot went to Mikawaya’s vanilla version. Really? Vanilla? Well, as managing editor Gwynedd Stuart put it, “Vanilla ice cream is only boring if it’s bad and, also, there’s something highly appealing about the way the almost marshmallow-y flavor of the mochi dough compliments a creamy, flavorful vanilla ice cream.”

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Yasso Chocolate Fudge Greek Yogurt Bars

Looking to replace the chocolate popsicles you usually buy with something more sophisticated, not to mention tastier? These chocolate greek yogurt bars from Yasso are it. These were the best bars the Sporked crew tried during their frozen yogurt taste test. “These are like richer and creamier Fudgesicles,” senior writer Jordan Myrick wrote. “They’re not too sweet and there’s no bitterness. Sometimes ‘healthy’ products can skimp on portions. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. These are the perfect size.” And, hey, you can save the sticks for crafts!

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Original Klondike Bar

Over the years, Klondike has released all sorts of flavors, from mint chocolate to cookies and cream. But, we gotta say, the original is still the best—and a perfect grab-and-go dessert to boot. “The other flavors are great, but nothing comes close to the OG,” Jordan wrote in their ranking of the best Klondike bars. “The ice cream is simple, incredibly creamy, flavored with just the right amount of vanilla, and…the signature chocolate coating is so thin and crispy, like a sheet of chocolate glass.”

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Helados Mexico Frozen Minis Con Crema Variety Pack

I love the flexibility of a variety pack. You can blindly grab one from the bunch or select the perfect flavor for your mood, and, luckily for us, the Helados Mexico Con Crema bars offer a delicious selection. When Jordan ranked the best popsicles, they said these were the best thing they’d eaten during their time at Sporked, and when a product perfectly combines fruit flavors and milky creaminess, you can understand why. Pick up a pack of these to have around the next time a craving for a fruity frozen dessert strikes.

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Trader Joe’s Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

The sandwich is an ideal food format when it comes to both balancing flavors and portability. When you can stack ingredients, you can ensure that every bite has a little of everything, and it’s no different with an ice cream sandwich. The Trader Joe’s sublime ice cream sandwiches combine a soft cookie with a creamy slab of ice cream in the middle and chocolate chips along the sides to provide a bit of crunch. Plus, you can carry these puppies around wherever you damn well please since the cookies keeping the stickiness of the ice cream at bay. A perfect frozen dessert, no spoon required.

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