Best Frozen Seafood if You Don’t Like Fish 

I don’t know what sort of inbreeding is going on down in the ocean, but it’s surprising and comical how so much seafood has the same fishy taste. That can make enjoying any sort of seafood hell on dry land when you don’t like fish to begin with. I’ll keep it real with you, many of the items on this list are battered and fried (and, yes, some of them are indeed fish), but that really is the best way to dip your toe into the waters of wonderful flavor seafood has to offer if you don’t like fish. Here are a few options that aren’t claw-fully fishy for those who don’t like fish but want to give seafood a try!

Northern Chef Coconut Shrimp

As managing editor Gwynedd Stuart said in her ranking of the best coconut shrimp, “If you eat coconut shrimp because you like coconut more than you like shrimp, you’ll like these.” The breading-to-shrimp ratio is so heavily skewed in breading’s favor that you’ll even be hard-pressed to find much seafood flavor at all. Plus, this shrimp comes with a packet of sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping (and.masking).

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Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp

People who love big, plump shrimp might be disappointed by Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp, but these little suckers are pretty perfect for people who don’t like fish. The crispy breading is like a Trojan Horse with itty bitty shrimp inside. Gorton’s popcorn shrimp are both satisfying to pop into your mouth and an easy snack for someone on the hunt for the best frozen seafood if you don’t like fish.

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SeaPak Clam Strips

We’ve never ranked frozen fried clam strips here at Sporked (sadly, there aren’t enough options out there for a full taste test), but these are a perfect frozen seafood if you don’t like fish. SeaPak makes good seafood in general, but their clam strips really slap, especially when you’re looking for a seafood that’s not overly fishy. If you don’t like fish but want to give seafood a try, any SeaPak product will do, but I can’t recommend their clam strips enough!

Gardein Plant-Based F’sh Fillets

If you don’t like fish, can you really turn down faux fillets? They’re not truly fish after all, so what’s there to fear? Okay, sure, they’re made to taste like fish, but they do a better job at recreating the experience of fish rather than the actual taste of fish, so they’re the perfect stepping stone to the real deal. Pair these with a nice tartar sauce and remember that even though they look like fish, they’re just soy protein. Relax!

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Gorton’s Roasted Garlic & Italian Herb Breaded Fish Fillets

Yes, we’re ending our list of the best frozen seafood if you don’t like fish with actual fish, but we picked one we think even fish-haters can tolerate. There is a heavy, sturdy layer of breading on these fillets and it’s packed to the brim with garlic powdery, herbaceous flavors to mask as much of the fish taste as possible. “But Vinz, I don’t like fish— how could I handle eating these actual pieces of fish?” Just trust me. These are the perfect training wheels.

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