These Are the Best Frozen Wings to Buy for a Game Day Party

We recently updated our ranking of the best frozen chicken wings. You can (and should) look through it to find the best frozen wings that jive with your tastes—Buffalo, hot, garlic-parm, that list’s got it all. But if you want my personal opinion of the best party wings for game day, then you can stay right here. Because I do have an opinion. And I’m about to share it. Here we go. The best game day chicken wings are….Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings Classic Buffalo Style. But wait, I hear you saying, these aren’t the number one best frozen wings according to Sporked’s ranking. How could they possibly be the best game day wings? 

Allow me to explain, will ya? 

The top wings in our ranking are hot and spicy—and they are better for it! But not everyone can handle heat. And when you’re cooking wings for a big game (we all know the big game to which I am referring, please don’t make me actually say it and potentially get sued) you need to think about everyone in attendance. But you also don’t want to have to buy different brands of frozen wings. That would be annoying. Just buy these. 

In our first frozen chicken taste test, we deemed these to be the best frozen wings to eat plain. I know, I know, they say they’re Buffalo flavored on the label. But, here’s the thing, they come with a packet of Buffalo sauce so you can add as much or as little as you want. You can make one batch that’s totally plain and another that’s absolutely smothered in Buffalo sauce and a third that has just a light coating. Heck, you could make a fourth batch and toss them with a sauce of your choosing—maybe just some butter, garlic, and powdered parmesan. These are the best wings for game day because they are simply great wings—they’re salty, meaty, juicy, and crispy. They are perfectly seasoned. And the sauce? That’s just a bonus.  

These party wings are here to make your life easier—and to fill up your guests, of course. Believe me and thank me later, or go ahead and scream at me in the comments. I can handle it. I have some cozy padding to protect me, thanks to the many, many chicken wings I’ve had to eat over the years for this job. 

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