The Best Lime Tortilla Chips

If your consumption of lime flavored tortilla chips has been limited to Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips, I have news: They aren’t the best of the bunch! (But don’t freak out, they still made the list.) If you like your chips with a little bit of tang, you’re going to love this list. We found the best lime tortilla chips of them all. 

What were we looking for in lime tortilla chips? Well, first of all, lime should be the predominant flavor component, even if they’re cilantro-lime or jalapeño-lime. We wanted citrusy tartness and tang, but not so much that it made our mouths pucker—some brands can cool it with the citric acid. Likewise, some lime tortilla chips just weren’t limey enough to make the cut. Lastly, we wanted chips that are sturdy enough to eat with a chunky salsa or guacamole, but tasty enough to eat on their own. That’s kind of the best thing about the best lime tortilla chips—you don’t need to have a dip in the fridge for them to be a satisfying snack. After a taste test of nine flavors and varieties, these were our favorites.

santitas cilantro lime tortilla chips

Best Solo

Santitas Cilantro Lime

Santitas Cilantro Lime tortilla chips are very seasoned. They’re more like Doritos than they are like the hint of lime tortilla chips you’re probably used to. That said, they’re also very delicious. They’re super tangy with a nice amount of herbaceousness from the cilantro; they almost taste like super tangy ranch chips. These are the best lime tortilla chips to eat all on their own the next time you don’t have any salsa, guac, or queso in the fridge but still want a flavorful, satisfying snack.

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tostitos hint of lime tortilla chips review

Best Lime Flavor

Tostitos Hint of Lime

We aren’t just including Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips on this list just because we think they deserve respect (they do). We’re including them because even when you taste them head to head with other lime flavored tortilla chips, they’re just so dang good! They’re limey and tart but not mouth puckering. The chips are nice and thin and crispy but not so thin you can’t dip them. We all know they taste good with pretty much any salsa or salsa con queso or guac. They’re a little sweet but not gross sweet. As we frequently say, they’re a classic for a reason! Personally, I love to crunch these up and sprinkle them on chicken tortilla soup, especially when I don’t have a lime handy to use as a garnish.

Credit: Merc / Walmart




chicas lime tortilla chips review

Best of the Best

Chicas Lime

When it comes to the best lime tortilla chips, Chicas are on a whole different level, largely because the quality of the chips themselves is so outrageously good. They’re flaky and crispy but sturdy enough to dip, and they genuinely taste like chips that were freshly fried in a restaurant kitchen. As for the lime flavoring, my colleague Justine Sterling said it best: “These taste like you fried up a tortilla and spritzed some lime on it.” They’re so salty and so limey that you’d really think they’d just been doused in fresh lime juice. Chicas lime tortilla chips are lime Margarita in chip form, minus the sweetness. These are going to add some pleasant tang and satisfying oiliness to any salsa or guac you dip them into. 

Credit: Merc / Kroger




Other products we tried: Kroger Lime, Siete Squeeze of Lime, Great Value Hint of Lime, Late July Sea Salt & Lime, Late July Jalpeno Lime, Beanitos Hint of Lime

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