The Best March Madness Snacks

March Madness is approaching and that means we have three things on the brain: college basketball, that Roundball Rock Saturday Night Live sketch, and delicious game-day snacks. The year’s biggest collegiate basketball tournament is approaching, and that means we’ll need snacks to sustain us through literal weeks of games (March 13-April 3). So sit back and check out our list of March Madness snacks that will satisfy your cravings all tourney long.

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Foster Farms Hot ‘N Spicy Chicken Wings

A game-day party without wings? We think not! In their ranking of the best frozen chicken wings, the Sporked staff put these Foster Farms wings in the top spot. “Foster Farms Hot ‘N Spicy wings use aged cayenne peppers and a bit of vinegar to achieve that classically spicy, zesty flavor,” they wrote. These spicy wings make for an excellent treat that’s easy to pop in the oven for a one-and-done filling March Madness snack. Now all you need is a good blue cheese.

Hope Foods Spicy Green Chile Guacamole

Guacamole is an excellent March Madness snack—you can dunk away while watching very tall college students do the same on TV. The Sporked staff recently updated their ranking of the best guacamoles, and Hope Foods took the top spot once again. “This guacamole is complex without overdoing it,” Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo wrote. “And due to the organic ingredients, the flavors are natural, too.” Slam dunk, Hope Foods.  

Chi-Chi’s Mild Salsa Verde

In senior staff writer Jordan Myrick’s best salsa verde ranking, Chi Chi’s Mild Salsa Verde came out on top. It comes in a decently sized jar and is perfect for sharing. Jordan wrote that this salsa reminded them of what they typically get when they order salsa verde at a restaurant, and restaurant salsa is typically pretty on point. We’re definitely filling up a bowl with this salsa come March. 

Late July Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips

Now that we have guac and salsa on our March Madness snack table, we need obviously need tortilla chips. In their ranking of the best tortilla chips, Jordan said that Late July Jalapeño Lime are the best flavored tortilla chip of the bunch. “These are authentically limey and have a nice, fruity, jalapeño bite,” they noted. Even if you don’t dunk ’em, these chips are winners.

Totino’s Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are super nostalgic. And, hey, lots of people get nostalgic for their college days when they watch college basketball, right? Throw a bag of these little babies into the oven to go back in time. Just be sure to bite a corner and blow before you burn the crap out of the roof of your mouth. 

Utz Cheese Balls

Guys. They’re like little basketballs, but they taste better. In his ranking of the best cheese puffs, Danny described these as “sharp and tangy” and “salty and fatty.” What more could you want from a cheese snack?

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