The Best New Halloween Candy and Treats to Buy This Year

Halloween is, hands down, the best holiday and I look forward to new Halloween treats coming out each and every year. They’re fun and themed and sweet and delicious. This year is no different!

I rounded up five new Halloween treats and new Halloween candy options that you can and absolutely should buy right now. They will most definitely enhance your Halloween experience, whether you’re dressing up to party or staying home to greet trick-or-treaters or snacking in the dark because you don’t want to share with any kids. Happy haunting!

1. DIY Halloween Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit

A kit that allows you to make your own Halloween-themed hot chocolate bombs?! How fun is this?! Not only is this a great new Halloween treat, but it’s also a great new Halloween activity. I love something that you can do with your family or friends to celebrate. It makes the holiday feel so cute and communal. Plus, these look delicious.

2. Favorite Day Gummy Brains

I cannot say enough good stuff about these strawberry gummy brains from Target. They are some of the best gummy Halloween candy and one of the best new Halloween candy options in general. The strawberry flavor is just right and the texture is so pleasing. Stock up on these before October is over because you’re going to want to eat these year-round.

3. Choceur Pumpkin Shaped Assorted Belgian Chocolates

The next time you go to Aldi, pick up some of these adorable Pumpkin-shaped chocolates. They come in crispy milk chocolate cream, vanilla cream, dark chocolate cream, salted caramel, and coffee ganache. And did I mention they look like precious little pumpkins?! These are cute enough that you could give them as a seasonal gift.

4. Stuffed Puffs Monster Marsh Filled Marshmallows

If you’re looking for new Halloween treats that are tasty and really aesthetically pleasing, you must grab a bag of these Stuffed Puffs. They are one of the best chocolate Halloween candies we tried this year. They are green marshmallows filled with chocolate and rolled in Halloween sprinkles. What more could you want from a seasonal treat? Plus, these come individually wrapped so they’re perfect to give out on Halloween.

5. Halloween Funny Faces 2D Icing Decorations

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to get into the baking spirit. These tiny, sugary eyes and mouths are perfect for topping Halloween cupcakes, cookies, or brownies. Baking up some monster-themed goodies and decorating them with these cute and spooky faces feels like the perfect way to spend an October evening.

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