4 Best Hot Chocolate Bombs for the Holiday Season

The best hot chocolate bombs should be both aesthetically pleasing and actually delicious. They shouldn’t be all spectacle! They should taste just as good as the best hot chocolate mix

What I have learned from this taste test of hot chocolate bombs is that less is more. And by less, I mean less money. There are so many fancy hot chocolate bombs that are just not worth it. I found that the fancier they are, the worse they taste and the fewer marshmallows they have.

We tasted the bombs on their own and fully prepared to get a full feel for the quality and flavor. We also tested them in water to see how they exploded with maximum clarity to find the most aesthetically pleasing hot chocolate bombs as well.

When buying the best hot chocolate bombs, look for options that are fun and reasonably priced. Actually, don’t even worry about looking! I tried them all and wrote up this list for you.

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Best Looking

Trader Joe’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Bombs

The Trader Joe’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Bombs taste like white chocolate and pumpkin spice. They are a little spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. If you like spicy-sweet treats, these are worth checking out. Most importantly, these are so adorable. They look like precious little pumpkins. They’d be the perfect hot chocolate bomb gifts to give to friends and family this fall. Plus, you get five in a box! That’s way more than any other brand.

Credit: Liv Averett




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Best for Chocolate Lovers

Favorite Day Milk Chocolate w/ White Drizzle & White Chocolate Confetti Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you like multiple types of chocolate, these are the hot chocolate bombs for you. The milk chocolate flavor is so rich and the white chocolate flavor is so sweet. These come in a pack of two, so they are perfect for couples or friends to share, especially if you are both hardcore chocolate lovers. And, like all the best hot chocolate bombs, these are super affordable!

Credit: Liv Averett / Target




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Best Variety Pack

Favorite Day Dark Chocolate w/ White Chocolate Drizzle & Milk Chocolate w/ Salted Caramel

I am absolutely obsessed with the milk chocolate salted caramel bomb in this box. It’s so sweet and complex. The salted caramel flavor bits make the marshmallows inside taste almost toasted. Both the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate hot chocolate bombs have so much rich chocolate flavor. I will definitely be buying these again this holiday season.

Credit: Liv Averett / Target




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Best of the Best

Dunkin’ Original Hot Chocolate Bomb

Dunkin’s hot chocolate bombs have way more marshmallows than any of the other hot chocolate bombs we tried. This is huge! Why do so many hot chocolate bombs have so few marshmallows?! On top of being rich in marshmallows, it’s also rich in flavor. The hot chocolate made with this hot chocolate bomb is so chocolaty. I haven’t had the hot chocolate at Dunkin’, but if it’s this good, I’ll start going there more often. This is easily one of the best hot chocolate bombs money can buy.

Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon




Other hot chocolate bomb brands we tried: Chocolate Works, Doohickey, Frankford Store

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